The winner of “the Voice” Sergey Volchkov was born the daughter

У победителя «Голоса» Сергея Волчкова родилась дочь The singer became a father for the second time. Sergey Volchkov accepts congratulations from friends and relatives. Now wife and baby are in one of the capital perinatal centers and waiting for discharge. Mom and baby are doing fine.
У победителя «Голоса» Сергея Волчкова родилась дочь

Not so long ago it became known that the winner of the second season of “the Voice” Sergey Volchkov will become a father again. The musician admitted that eagerly awaits the completion of the family. However, he did not name gender expected child.

Today “StarHit” learned that the former ward of Alexander Gradsky born daughter. Baby born height 51 cm and a weight of 3.1 kilograms. Now mom and girl are in the capital of the perinatal center “Lapino” and are preparing to be discharged. The couple chose a name for the baby – they named a baby girl Polina.

У победителя «Голоса» Сергея Волчкова родилась дочь

Early gyroscopes, admitted to “StarHit” that his whole family was preparing for the birth of another child. Sergey and his wife Natalia Yakushkina raising a three year old daughter Xenia. The artist told me that during his wife’s pregnancy they were preparing a successor to the status of matron. Couple wants a girl was jealous of the parents to the baby, but cannot accurately predict its future behavior.

“She wants a baby brother. Of course, waiting to be a big sister. My wife for five months to prepare, but of course hard to predict whether it will be to jealous of us to the baby or not, we’ll see”, – shared his thoughts Volchkov.

Sergey became known throughout the country after the triumph on “the Voice” in 2013. A young man came from Belarus and immediately won the jury’s strong vocals. A talented performer he was in command of Alexander Gradsky, reached the final and received first place.

With his future wife Ksenia Sergei met in the temple. He couldn’t tear his eyes from the blonde beauty. The singer made an offer hands and hearts sweetheart a few months after the first meeting. The girl put a condition passionate boyfriend – and together they will live only after the official registration of marriage. Also it was important and wedding. The young man had nothing left but to agree with the chosen one.