Юлия Барановская рассказала о тайном романе The presenter could believe in myself after a difficult divorce with Andrey Arshavin. Now Yulia Baranovskaya know that very soon life will present her joyful and happy surprises. The woman was beginning to trust men, but speech about a serious relationship.

      Юлия Барановская рассказала о тайном романе

      After a painful break-up with Andrey Arshavin TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya has not been able to recover. She had to overcome many difficulties to once again believe in themselves and achieve harmony. Baranovskaya spoke about their experiences and life with a famous football player in the book “All the best!” recently appeared on the shelves of bookstores.

      The TV presenter believes that a new life would give her a pleasant surprise. According to Yulia, she’s already ready for a serious relationship and knows what he wants from the new novel. By the way, recently Baranovskaya already experienced the male concern. Baranovskaya puts men conditions when Dating

      “I had a very beautiful relationship, I would call them a novel. The first time I was scared of this man, elementary men’s actions caused me bewilderment,” said Julia.

      The woman remembered the incident that happened during the relationship with this young man. The man helped Baranovskaya, when she got lost on the track. He left immediately after I realized that the lead was in trouble. Baranovskaya was surprised, because for the first time in many years, felt the care of the self. However, at that moment, she didn’t want such a relationship to develop into something more.

      “I think it was not the time. And then any serious relationship there is generally out of the question. It was a lightness, a real light! And, of course, we broke up without scenes and scandals. Beautiful novels appear from nowhere and go nowhere. This is their essence, and regret nothing. But life, I hope, will give me a joyful and happy surprises,” said Baranovskaya.

      Mother of three children I always believed that everything in life happens for the best. Despite the difficulties, through which Julia had to go through after breaking up with Arshavin, she was able to believe in themselves. As Baranovskaya said in an interview with the magazine “7 days”, it is hoped that all will be well.

      It is the phrase “it gets better” became the name for the literary works of Julia. “The main idea books: happiness is the inner state of a person, which does not depend on where you live, and abundance. – I know, because I’ve had a few times when the situation seemed hopeless, but everything turned for the better,” the author explained.

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