Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам? Readers of “StarHit” has selected 20 of the most sexual representatives of show business. In the first place was presenter Ksenia Borodina. Silver ranking was won by the singer Polina Gagarina and “bronze” – Anna Kalashnikova. Each of the winners remembered a situation for which she was still ashamed.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      Two weeks on the website Starhit.ru there was a vote, of the 50 beauties were only selected 20 best of the best. But as you know, it is impossible to be perfect in everything, so we asked the sexy star to talk about the things they still feel ashamed.

      1st place – Ksenia Borodina

      Ruined the dress of a friend.

      When the presenter was a student, she is constantly changing clothes with classmates. “Often happened – you need to go to the party and all the dresses worn, came to the aid of my friends, said the Xenia with “StarHit”. Once, a friend gave me a gorgeous pale pink dress tutu like Carrie in “Sex and the city”, with multiple layers of tulle. Wearing his makeup and went out to a restaurant. The whole evening I ceremoniously sat, and then the guy offered to go to the club. We had fun, danced… and then some lady accidentally bumped me in the shoulder. I fell, caught on the pin for the grid layer and broke it. Noticed it at home. Since the land was raw, I carefully cut off a few inches with scissors, removing the torn piece. Washed and gave it to the hostess, blushing, but never admitted. Told many years later! Together laughing. By the way, after the case of other people’s things I haven’t.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      2nd place – Polina Gagarina

      Tore the timing of the exams.

      Despite an active touring after the release of “star Factory”, Pauline decided to get acting training at the Moscow art Theater. Tried not to miss classes and rehearsals, however, to abandon the concerts could not. “To my arrival in theater all were skeptical, they say, “zvezdelina”, – said Gagarin. – I came, shook hands with the teacher Igor Zolotovitskii and drove off on a two-week tour. Upon return the teacher met me with the words: “are You nuts?” Of course, it was uncomfortable, I always broke the deadlines for everything you can…Only did what they promised. And had to again leave to speak. I even threatened to expel. But every semester, I eventually proved that they have the right to life in the Theater”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      3 place – Anna Kalashnikova

      Discussing people behind their backs.

      Anna was always a good student, finished school with a gold medal and with ease he entered the economic faculty of the Moscow aviation Institute. There are some of the session was given to her with difficulty because of difficult relations with teachers. “We had a window between the pairs, and we with girlfriends went to a cafe – says Kalashnikov. We hooked a friend from the Institute with a friend. Discussed study in colors. I remembered how on one exam I flunked the teacher, although I was well versed in the subject. I spoke sharply. After we went to a lecture with this very woman. Started a couple, and she announced that more will not lead, presenting us with a young graduate student who came on shift. And it was the same guy from the cafe! But worst of all, it was her son. My friends looked at each other and I immediately realized that the subject I will need even better than perfect.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      4th place – Anna Sedokova

      Left the store without paying.

      In childhood, the singer nearly ended up in the children’s room of militia. “I was seven years old, – said Sedokova “StarHit”. – Mom sent me to the store for bread. Took a loaf of white. Too that passed aunties cashier. I was about a hundred metres from the store when I realized that I hadn’t paid. To go back is scary. “10 minutes, I went home – told my mom. She did not scold me, explained what I did very wrong. Still, by the way, coming out of the supermarket, the habit of checking packages for all paid.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      5th place – Elena Volatile

      In the childhood lied to mom and dad.

      The star of “Revizorro” on the air always reserved and calm, but once she’s forced to worry loved ones. “My parents to this post, and didn’t know how I lied to them, – confessed Elena Volatile “StarHit”. – Father forbade me, under penalty of climbing to the roof, but to me it was not to be intimidated. When the father left for work, I with all its friendly yard company climbed to the roof of a five storey building. We were having fun, running among the antennas… And at one point I stopped with metal fishing line in the mouth that stretched from one corner of his mouth to the other, and cut the lip so that the blood poured into all the clothes… went Down home and came up with different excuses, because in any case it was impossible to say that I was on the roof. Eventually told mom that I tripped on a snag and broke the lip on the asphalt. I then took him to the emergency room sewed her up. The parents felt sorry, and I blushed in shame that they lied. Now, remembering again blush, because it is impossible to deceive relatives and loved ones.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      6th place – Olga Buzova

      Tried to give a bribe.

      Telediva always studied at five. All knew: if we write the control-Buzova, a good score is guaranteed. Olga, always confident in their knowledge, I was nervous before entering the University. “When applied to SPSU, I whispered: “I will Not take you without a bribe even with your mind,” she says. – I wanted to learn it… And came up with the idea: some one must pay. Consulted with parents, and they told me: “Olga, you should be ashamed even at the thought!” Then I decided: she will succeed! Prepared, taught. And entered without cronyism. But hearing this then dispelled many of my classmates”.

      Olga Buzova admitted in the love of money

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      7th place – Natalie

      Scared of the photographer.

      In the early 90s at a performance Natalie has occurred a force majeure. “It was an open space, – says the singer. And suddenly it began to rain. Feel, cosmetic flows”. Natalie started to panic, the flames added the photographer who shot the star closeup. “I was during a loss in the song asked him to stop,” continues Natalie. But he wouldn’t listen. Then I sternly moved him. Probably on my face was such aggression that he even shrank back… Now I am ashamed of my behavior. Understand that the audience was far from me and did not see the face. And in front of the photographer I want to apologize”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      8th place – Ani Lorak

      Complexed because of growth.

      “At school I was always one of the lowest, besides me briefly sheared, says Ani “StarHit”. – Knowing that I want to become a singer, classmates teased me: “what’s you’re on stage going, Cinderella? But still small!” I was worried after all the money the family had – all my childhood I took things the older brother, sometimes my mom would bring somewhere new clothes, from the store, it’s familiar helped – gave things. For taunts I didn’t answer just cried when I walked home from school. But once I learned that I’m the same height with Madonna, we’re both 164 cm. So I was inspired by, I have achieved success.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      9th place – Vera Brezhneva

      Spoiled neighbors holiday.

      “I was 13 years old, when my parents first allowed me and my friends alone to celebrate the New year – shared the Faith with “StarHit”. – Some of the girls brought a bottle of champagne baby, cracker, we went to celebrate to the entrance. Sat down and realized that to open the bottle I can’t.” Then Brezhnev took the situation into their own hands, and shaking a good champagne, like they do in the movies, sent the tube in the wall. “She flew, and the champagne poured, the shield of electricity, – continues Vera. – Shorted out… the lights went off in the apartments across the riser at home. We flew in all directions. To admit how spoiled the New year neighbors, we were afraid. Quietly sit at home by candlelight. The light came only in the morning”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      10th place – Elena Armin van Buuren

      Starving student years.

      In the beginning of my career the star of the series “Kitchen” had to economize even on food. “Last year the “Pike” Lena toured the cities of Russia under the leadership of Alexander Shirvindt – shows in our graduation performance of “Summer of passion”, – says the actress Gulya Nijinska, the classmate Armin van Buuren. – Hotels have always lived together. It turned out that often could not eat with all the missed Lunches, dinners, which are paid by the organizers. I remember one evening I was very hungry. Began to wrestle with what to buy in the store? To and inexpensive, and satisfying. “I will teach you now how to quickly satisfy your hunger without harm to the figures”, – said Armin van Buuren. We bought it with Adygei cheese and green apples. By Lenine recipe first had a little bite from one, then another – and so several times. Very tasty, filling and low in calories. Still love apples with cheese.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      11th place – Ekaterina Klimova

      Ashamed of his school photos

      “My mother forbade me to paint, said Catherine. And I, going to school, doing it right in our dirty stairwell. But after the school was flooded, “war paint”. Now the artist, looking at old photos, laughing and blushing, after all, looked much older. His 14-year-old daughter Catherine allows you to use makeup so she didn’t think forbidden fruit is sweet. “I taught Lisa to paint beautiful: not namesociete scarlet lipstick huge mouth, and pale pink to emphasize the lips. The daughter looks amazing. And she has no desire to secretly put a fat arrow terrible with a pencil, as at the time I was doing.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      12th place – Tatyana Kotova

      Weeding the beds, to get permission to go to the disco.

      “Now she – a welcome guest at any party. And as a child to get parental permission to go to the dance, she had to work hard in the garden. “I grew up in the village Sholokhov, Rostov region, parents raised me in severity, – said Tatiana with “StarHit”. – Dad in the likes of discipline and order. At the school disco me let like Cinderella at the ball. Before you go, I had to weed rows of onions or radishes, collect parsley and dill, pour over tomatoes and cucumbers. And in the winter my sister and stoked and was cleaning out the chicken coop. Ever since I learned how to work to achieve goals!”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      13 – Glyuk’oza

      Insulted a famous person.

      Six months ago, the singer Natalia Ionova has committed an act for which she is ashamed of to this day. “It happened on the set of a single program divided’oza. – Among the guests was the famous children’s writer. After the shooting could not resist and approached the idol. I have long extolled the creativity, called him a cult writer, and then asked: “Tell me what emotions you felt after wrote “Cheburashka”?” And received the answer: “you know, You confused me with the assumption I – Grigory Oster”. Can’t tell you how I was embarrassed! I started to apologize, but mentally cursed myself… Until now, when I meet Gregory Bentsionovich at social events, I am ashamed of the incident.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      14th place – Anna Khilkevich

      Ran away from home.

      The actress still blaming yourself for what once was rough with the parents, forced them to experience unpleasant emotions, shook his nerves. “I turned from a difficult teenager,” recalls the childhood star of the TV series “Univer”. – Wanted to seem adult, was very categorical and could not establish a relationship with the mother and father often raised his voice and cursed them for every little thing. The worst thing is that I even ran away from home for a few days, lived with girlfriends. Of course, back quickly. But then not everyone was driven mobile phones – only landlines. Finding me was not easy, parents are worried, upset. I fully realized how terribly behaved, just recently, when she became a mother. Remember his antics, and I am ashamed. Can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I didn’t know where my daughter is”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      15 – Laysan utiasheva

      Athlete irritating drivers on the roads.

      Many friends noticed that after the birth of her son and daughter Rosie became softer, started to devote more time to family and home. To important shooting goes with the driver, as befits a star. But as soon as the athlete gets a chance, she happily takes the wheel and drives. “Rosie is very cool to drive the car, I would say, not feminine – skillfully and without emotion, – says designer Dasha gauzer, girlfriend Utyasheva. – I think helping her athletic stamina and concentration. It’s going fast, maneuvering, and never commits a foul. And how well she inspects tube! We once rode to the event for the city. The other drivers shouted through the open window, swore, and Rosie was cool as a cucumber, and at the same time, the lightning reacted and effectively reconstructed from a number in a row.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      16th place – Anna chipovskaya

      To 15 years washed feet.

      The future star was born in the family of the actress of the Vakhtangov theatre Olga Chipovskaya. Olga E. one raised a daughter. Despite being very busy in the performances, enough funds not at all. It seems incredible, but the usual washer for Chipovskaya was a luxury. “Linens were soaked in a first bath, then trampled, then turned and rinsed, – says Olga chipovskaya. Anya helped me in this matter. When my daughter was 15, she first starred in the TV series “the color of the nation” and received a fee. Anya from those who thinks of others first and then about yourself. She spent money on dresses, and purchase a washing machine and fridge. A bonus was the acquisition of British cats Dulcinea, with her we are still together.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      17th place – Polina Maksimova

      Quotes Of Joseph Brodsky.

      The heroine Polina Maximova in the TV series “Deffchonki” – classic blonde Lola, is obsessed with clothes. The actress is not a fan of shopping. But the weakness she has. “When we met with Pauline, she produced the impression of a bold, confident girls,” says Anastasia Denisova, the actress of the series “Deffchonki”. – In between filming we are Bob and Fields adore lying on the couch in the break room and chat about everything. And then one day, talking about poets, and Pauline suddenly started to quote Joseph Brodsky! I was stunned that the man knows so much. Since then, I looked at Pauline with the other hand. She is well-read and intelligent”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      18th place – Anastasia Makeeva

      Hide the tattoo.

      Actress all my life reproached and categorically spoke about people with tattoos. But recently changed my mind and made a small inscription at the ankle of the right leg. “I felt so wild delight, squeaked in the voice, walking down the street, smiling at Anastasia. Something else looked at tattoos. It is beautiful and original. Now I understand people who make them. But the hardest thing is to tell your parents about this. I was very worried that they will not approve. During his visit to him went in his socks and sneakers, despite the heat. Then finally decided to put the photo where you can see the tattoo in social networks. People began to comment, and my mom asked me permanent or not. I confessed to everything. Then mom, with wisdom, asked: “And what is written there? I have not considered”. I said, “13 days to start”. The inscription was made in may when vacationing in Tenerife. I love my mom. She strongly supported me in the divorce.”

      Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk divorced

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных женщин: за что стыдно звездам?

      19th place – Alena Shishkova

      Sunbathing under the Moon.

      It’s hard to believe, but in the childhood she has experienced because of the appearance. Skinny blond girl with marble skin is constantly asked the same question: “You parents feed you?” “I thought I was terrible,” says Shishkov. – Parents used any means to convince me. Once we gazed at the sky, saw the moon through a telescope, and the mother told the legend of the Oriental girl, the secret of the beauty which was in constant session of the lunar sun. Convincing my mom added that she sometimes tans. Like a fairytale, but all of a sudden? Began to sunbathe together under the moonlight in the country. Frightened bats, biting gnats, but the beauty demands victims! Now I remember it with a smile.”

      20 place – lukeria Ilyashenko

      Brutally schooled lover.

      The actress once had a fight with boyfriend in the cafe. “He tried to get into my phone, and I hate that,” recalls the star of “the Sweet life”. – In a fit of rage I ran outside and climbed onto the roof of his BMW. Standing on it, shouted that if he doesn’t stop trying to control me, I now begin to jump. The guy was in shock…” the Actress recovered quickly and got off the car. “But the marks from my Shoe on the roof is still there – a shame for the outburst,” says the Lusha.

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