Людмила Нарусова верит, что Ксения будет самоотверженной мамой According to the future grandmother, the attitude of the children Sobchak has finally changed. Lyudmila Narusova is waiting for the birth of grandchildren. Her daughter will soon give her husband Maxim Vitorgan child.

      Людмила Нарусова верит, что Ксения будет самоотверженной мамой

      This summer fans of Ksenia Sobchak excited as ever. They affectionately look at each new photo in Instagram of our favorite. Rounded tummy stars is becoming more noticeable.

      That Sobchak is pregnant, became known not so long ago. 34-year-old TV presenter is still quite skeptical of the children. On the Internet at one time even replicated her unflattering remarks about kids who were the noisy neighbours stars. However Ksenia’s mother, Lyudmila Narusova, said that the attitude of her daughter to the children will change when she will have own child.

      “All her earlier negative statements about children as “little shits” is first and foremost emotions. When, at three in the morning come home from work, and in eight starts knocking, or shouting behind the wall of kids, and relate to them. The only reason these statements were published, ” says Narusova. I’m sure Xenia will be a great mom, completely selfless and correct. She has a good emotional memory. She knows and remembers the negative and positive aspects of my upbringing. And, I hope, will be able to sort and to take from me only the best.”

      It is noteworthy that Lyudmila does not hide her education has not always been exemplary. So, according to Narusova, the daughter still can not forgive the mother for a long time in childhood. In an effort to make a brilliant career, a future star politicians a lot of time was devoted to training and work. In addition, her approach to dealing with her daughter did not always coincide with the opinion of her husband, Anatoly Sobchak. However, Narusova sure that Xenia in the future will avoid her own mistakes.

      Lyudmila Narusova: “Pregnancy Xenia too long”

      “I tried to adjust under any standards, that was all. Not realizing that it was useless and, more importantly, should not do. But my husband always told me: “don’t break it, don’t break!” So between me and Ksenia had a lot of sparks, and even between women who love one man. We have vied for love and attention Casinogo dad, my husband. There was everything”, – says Lyudmila Borisovna in an interview with “Woman’s day”.

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