Yulia Baranovskaya openly talked about leaving the “Ice age”

Юлия Барановская откровенно рассказала об уходе из «Ледникового периода» 12 Nov aired a new edition of the project. The program began with a farewell to the nominated pairs. Unfortunately many viewers, the Duo presenter and Maxim Shabalin scored the lowest number of votes. With tears in their eyes celebrity said goodbye to everyone, who supported it.

      This time to leave the show once had two of the four duets which were threatened with elimination. Fans saved Ekaterina Varnava and Maxim Marinin, and Margarita Drobiazko and Anatoly Rudenko. Natalia Medvedeva and Maxim Stavisky and Yulia Baranovskaya, who fought for the victory in the “Ice age” and showed amazing results under the guidance of coaches and Olympic medalist Maxim Shabalin, was less fortunate. A mother of three kids are unable to hold back the tears and said goodbye to the audience and the jury. Fans of the TV show, which was considered the Duo one of the most striking, did not remain indifferent and pounced on the organizers with questions why the broadcast didn’t even show a farewell dance number retired couple.

      Yulia wrote a huge post in Instagram, which told followers about your participation in the project and shared their experiences and emotions. Star remembered how it all began, how difficult it was to negotiate with my body, which has never withstood serious physical exercise.

      “When I’m at the beginning of the project the first time out on the ice, I realized that with my body I was not familiar with. Skates made me re-recognize him. Head I immediately knew what to do, but my hands and feet could not find a common language. And away – laughter, tears, falls, bruises and injuries, strife and reconciliation, the circles under his eyes from exhaustion and furious adrenaline on the performance – a little life,” said the presenter.

      Baranovskaya thanked everyone with whom she worked on “Ice age,” the coaches, the jury, and of course, viewers who for a long time gave their votes for them with the other band members a couple. Also a celebrity wished all fans to never give up, no matter what, go ahead and don’t be afraid to conquer new heights. Her television show was not just a temporary passion, but figure skating is one of the hobby. Participation in the project helped Yulia to remember that learning is never too late, and all my dreams come true.

      “If now, reading my words, you have something decided not that long ago want to try, get up and go! And don’t be afraid! Just believe in yourself and love what you do” – Baranovskaya appealed to the subscribers.

      Julia now leads an active life: from Housewives it has become a successful TV presenter, is at social events with friends, but do not forget about their main role – mother. Baranovskaya managed to pull myself together and to get over a breakup with football player Andrey Arshavin. About a serious relationship until a celebrity says, but alludes to the fact that they are ready to plunge into a new novel.