The party’s over: what really made the groom Mariah Carey to leave her

Кончен бал: что на самом деле заставило жениха Мэрайи Кэри ее бросить From the beginning, the singer is preparing for the wedding with the Australian mediateam James Packer. During this time he changed his mind to marry her. The man was unable to withstand such attention to his person and desires his lady to always be on your mind.

      Кончен бал: что на самом деле заставило жениха Мэрайи Кэри ее бросить

      A party to celebrate Halloween, Mariah put up a few days before October 31. In the yard of a mansion in Beverly hills, guests were grinning pumpkin heads with candles inside from the trees hung a fake horror. 46-year-old actress dressed up as a devil, her daughter Monroe has chosen the outfit Rapunzel and the son of Moroccan and ex-husband Nick cannon – the costumes of the heroes of the game “Super Mario”.

      Nick’s presence confused and puzzled many visitors. Ex-husband of Mariah not enjoyed the favor of her fiancé, the king of the gaming business of James packer. He couldn’t deny nick to visit the children, but was irritated when he hung around near the singer. The evening cannon confidently played the role of master of the house that Mariah just welcomed. Invited wondered where James and where is he looking?

      Trick or treat

      Three days later, James broke off the engagement to the elation of their Australian relatives. When packer started to care for Mariah, the family begged him not to accept the admiration of a talent for love. But James was unstoppable. He failed Mariah expensive gifts, bought her a yacht is a twin to his own – and a wedding ring for $10 million, which was solemnly hoisted on to the finger in January of this year.

      Over time, however, the Packer began to feel that the extravagance of his favorite passes all bounds. “James is a generous man, but Mariah brought it the cost of space level”, – tell the people around him.

      Counting how much it cost the whims of the singer, the owner of the state $4.6 billion was scared that after a few years of marriage will be in line for free soup. Extravagant spending Mariah only exacerbated the animosity harbored towards her family James, and she didn’t even bother to establish a relationship with the family of her future husband. A few months ago, the singer refused to accompany James in Sydney for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of his sister Gretel.

      “The holiday was spoiled – say friends of the family. James again reprimanded for stupidity, and his mother Grew up forbidden to mention the name Mariah in your presence.”


      Кончен бал: что на самом деле заставило жениха Мэрайи Кэри ее бросить

      Despite all this, the billionaire was in no hurry to cancel the marriage. “Between James and Mariah deep connection, was claimed by eyewitnesses. – Anyone who observed them together, were convinced of the existence of true love.”

      In addition, it turned out that all this time the singer didn’t allow James to bed – even while travelling on his yacht, the bride and groom slept in different cabins. “They behaved like lovers students, – said close to a pair of people. – Hugging, kissing, holding hands, but before the wedding she would not allow him anything more.” Mariah said in an interview that the ceremony will be modest, adding that the preparation takes time, which she does not.

      The shooting of the reality show “the World Mariah”, which she was so tight busy, was the last straw packer. “James does not like excessive attention – say his friends. – And the producers insisted that the companion Mariah appeared in the frame and was part of the show. No matter how he wanted to save the relationship, it is beyond his power”.

      The final fight occurred during a September honeymoon couple in Greece. People from Mariah, without going into details, saying that James “did something bad” with her assistant. The singer was so upset that he cancelled leg of a world tour. And now in addition to an engagement ring that packer left her as a souvenir, and wants to get her ex-fiancé with another $50 million in compensation.

      “Mariah thinks that he needs her not only for this incident, sources say. – At the time, James asked her to move from new York to Los Angeles, so he could often see his children. Mariah requires reimbursement for moving and the penalty for violation of the financial promises that he slapped her”.