The darling Prince Harry did not dare to meet the Queen

Избранница принца Гарри не рискнула познакомиться с королевой
Meghan Markle British paparazzi circled around the finger.

Избранница принца Гарри не рискнула познакомиться с королевой

Prince Harry


Meghan Markle

Photo: @meghanmarkle Instagram Meghan Markle

The new fiancee of Prince Harry — actress Meghan Markle —
definitely making progress in mastering the art of behavior of a friend person
Royal blood. Since then, as it became known that she was Dating Harry, reporters are organized for it
almost round-the-clock surveillance. But Megan managed to fool even the most
vigilant paparazzi. At first she noticed no one came to the beloved in London, and then
the end of his visit, left the country, again escaping the attention of reporters. About it reported the Internet-the edition

What day Megan arrived in London,
representatives of the British media to scout out and failed. It is possible that
about her visit at all, no one would never know if it is still not caught
only once. But reporters on duty, as usual, at the walls
Kensington Palace, was rewarded. They managed to capture Markle,
returning, they managed to learn later, from shop organic
products nearby with a solid to the full loaded bag. But how many paparazzi did not expect, the day they more to see and do not
managed. What immediately concluded that she came in
the hotel and the apartments of the Prince in the Palace. And, besides, spoils it
self-prepared food.

After that, rumors spread that Harry had planned
their first joint release with Megan on the audience. In any case, the staff
stadium, where it is expected the Rugby match between Britain and South Africa, were allegedly
warned about the visit. And in parallel, the information appeared that on the weekends
Megan needs to present Elizabeth II. This was reported edition of the Express.

Alas, the waiting reporters were duped. Megan not
appeared at the stadium, and acquaintance with Elizabeth II, it seems, too
deferred. But “backdating” it became known that Markle had managed to quietly
to leave Britain and return to Canada where she starred in the TV series “Force majeure”.
Why didn’t she stick around for another couple of days to meet with the Queen
unknown. Perhaps the producers of the show urgently demanded it back. Maybe
Harry just decided not to hurry with the translation Markle to the status of “official
girlfriend”, which it would be considered after the submission of Elizabeth.