«Ты не мужик»: за что директор DJ Грува убил собственную тещу 34-year-old Denis Kalinin strangled a woman to death on the eve of March 8. The investigation established, what exactly the phrase my mother said lady concert Director of well-known figures of show business, which provoked the aggression of a man.
«Ты не мужик»: за что директор DJ Грува убил собственную тещу

March 7 concert Director DJ Groove, Irena Ponaroshku and Alexander Anatolyevich and Katya Chekhova Denis Kalinin was arrested on suspicion of murdering his 77-year-old mother-in-law. Many could not believe that a man could strangle the mother of his wife. According to one version of the investigators, between relatives, a conflict broke out. Now it became known about what the woman said to son-in-law.

“You wear his pants, you have a fake job her daughter will soon find yourself a normal guy, and you’re not a man, she will find a rich and successful!” – that these words provoked an outburst of aggression Kalinin.
«Ты не мужик»: за что директор DJ Грува убил собственную тещу

After the showdown Dennis attacked his mother and stabbed her, according to investigators, the injuries, and then strangled. The victim died on the spot, and the perpetrator arrested.

After the appearance of information in the press surrounded by Kalinin, no one could believe that a man capable of such a crime.

As it turned out, the scandal erupted the morning of 6 March. The body of an elderly woman was found in an apartment in the center of Moscow. Dennis himself called for an ambulance, but doctors were unable to save the mother Kalinin.

“In the crime charged 34-year-old Denis Kalinin, who, after the incident caused “ambulance”. Arriving officers noticed the mess in the apartment and the injuries on the body of an elderly woman. Then the man explained that the mother-in-law is no respecter of persons about him said. Humiliated, Kalinin attacked the pensioner”, – said a source in law enforcement bodies.

Denis and his wife have two daughters 11 and four years. Judging by the photos in social networks, the man doted to his heirs and tries to carry them on vacation to different countries.

During questioning, Dennis did not deny his guilt. The investigation asked the court to remand. As it became known to the telegram channel Mash, a criminal case was initiated under article “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim”. According to the law, the man could face up to 15 years of imprisonment.