Звезда «Холостяка» заговорил о романе с Анной Седоковой Born of Anusi, became the main hero of the Ukrainian version of the popular project, shed light on the relationship with the singer. A few years ago, the artiste attributed the passion of Anna Sedokova. As recognized by Anusi, he was ready to be a father of children of colleagues.
Звезда «Холостяка» заговорил о романе с Анной Седоковой

In March Ukrainian TV channel STB started showing the eighth season of the show “the Bachelor”, a hero who was a 29-year-old singer Born of Anusi, known under the name ROZHDEN. Premiere of the new editions of the project took place on the ninth of March. At the end of casting, the producers chose 25 girls for which the artist has prepared a great party.

In a live TV show of Anusi shed light on previous novels. At one time the singer attributed the relationship with Anna Sedokova. According to Born, he was really passionate about a famous artist.

“Yeah, we tried that with Anna to build relationships, but at some point I realized that the two artists is very difficult. So each went his own way. Yes, of course, I was ready to be a father for her children. The more attached to the children, the harder it is to part with a man,” said Anushi.

Anna herself has denied rumors of a passionate affair with a colleague on the shop floor. The singer tried to keep the information that is trying to build a relationship with Rozenom.

Звезда «Холостяка» заговорил о романе с Анной Седоковой“He is certainly a very talented composer and performer, besides just a nice person. We do a lot of time together – working on a new album. I am very supportive of him, I like his music – I’m sure Born will achieve great success. But to ascribe to us what romance is too”, – said Sedokova in 2015.

In the first edition of the project Born have chosen 14 contestants who will continue to fight for his heart. In the opinion of the performer, on the filming of the TV show is quite possible to meet his love. “I’d really like to find that special girl. The girl, not like anyone and are able to feel. Because for me feelings are the Foundation. I very rarely go alone, but real intimacy with girls I have no”, – said the artist.

Note that in March on the TNT channel started the show “the Bachelor.” The hero of the Russian version of the project was singer Yegor Krid. According to producers, the sixth season will be very Frank. Among the participants of the show was Daria Klyukina who was trying to win the love of the stars of the series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. “The bachelor 6”: who will compete for the heart of Yegor creed

“Frankly, I don’t believe in love at first sight and in recent years has become quite stale and ceased to believe the girls, because the majority only sees me as a popular person. In relationship I first of all important to the Girl was a friend you can trust,” said Egor creed.