Станислав Говорухин оказался в центре секс-скандала Director and state Duma Deputy accused of harassment. According to the journalist from Cheboksary Daria Komarova, Stanislav Govorukhin made her indecent proposal six years ago during an interview. Colleagues artist stood at his side.
Станислав Говорухин оказался в центре секс-скандала

At the end of February of the journalist working in the state Duma, was accused of harassment of Leonid Slutsky. Their statements caused a great public resonance. A few weeks later in the centre of a sex scandal was Stanislav Govorukhin. He spoke against Daria Komarova, head of the Cheboksary campaign headquarters Ksenia Sobchak. Says the young woman, the Director allegedly allowed himself to cross the border for business.

According to Komarova, the artist offered her a role in one of his movies. Daria answered the Director with a categorical refusal that caused his anger.

“In 2012, I interviewed came to Cheboksary in the election campaign, state Duma Deputy Stanislav Govorukhin. The meeting was held in the restaurant. During the interview, Govorukhin allowed himself to ask me to spend the night with him for the opportunity to star in his film project, asked to remove tights and walk beside him. I replied that I his film is not interesting, and his suggestions. Then the administration dare to go to blackmail and said that any interviews I give will not be”, – wrote the journalist on the page in Facebook.
Станислав Говорухин оказался в центре секс-скандала

As noted by Komarov, a meeting with the Director was most disastrous for her entire career. A bad interview pretty spoiled the mood of Daria.

Станислав Говорухин оказался в центре секс-скандала“I was angry at the old man, but the interview was written. To appease me, Govorukhin wrote me his phone, asked me to it be sure to call and not to tell anyone about his indecent proposals. I called to him one day when he decided to take his comment after the MoE was never shown to a juvenile performance of “Crime and punishment”, – said the young woman.

After a time, the Director didn’t even remember about the incident in one of the restaurants in Cheboksary. According to Daria, this suggests that life Govorukhin had a lot of similar stories.

Statement Komarova has provoked heated debate on the Network. Some accused the journalist wanting to become famous at the expense scandal and other dishonest intentions. To the side stood Stanislav Govorukhin Deputy Olga Kazakova. She described the Director on the positive side.

“I work with Stanislav Sergeevich quite a long time and know him to be an attentive and respectful attitude to women, fatherly and caring attitude towards the girls. It can tell anyone who really is familiar with a great Director and very honest and wise man,” – said Kazakov.

In his opinion, such a “cynical and mean-spirited statements,” are not demeaning to Stanislav Govorukhin, and for their authors. Olga Kazakova gave to understand that he doubted the sincerity of women, years later zagovorili on abuse by famous people. “Stop! Remember about conscience and decency. Stay people!” – turned to him Kazakova.