Молодая жена Краско рассказала, что ради него бросила олигарха

25-year-old Natalia Shevel admitted that he chose love and not material goods.

A year ago the aspiring actress Natalia Shevel became the official wife of Ivan Krasko. The ceremony was held in St. Petersburg, but were talking about the wedding the whole country. Still, after all the beloved people’s artist of his age… for 60 years!

“Yes, they will run through the month,” said the spiteful critics. But, it seems, was wrong. And love and truth for all ages. The other day the happy couple will celebrate its first anniversary. Moreover, Natalia said that she chose Ivan Ivanovich among the many knights, including the oligarchs-businessmen.

“I once had the opportunity to marry oligarchs, businessmen and have amazing wealth, but I would need then to change myself and to listen to such speech: “do you remember where I pulled you? Bling, machine, fur.“ And I’m not, I’m burning inside – I that think, then speak”, – said Natalia in an interview with “StarHit”.

But she is confident that she and Ivan – two halves of a whole, and the age here is not important.

“We are two ingredients that are mingled into one, and get the pie,” said the actress. Of course, we have to one another piety, but not on the level that sometimes Ivan hears from other people. I remember the man who walked towards us and saw the famous actor, just bowed and walked away. And no matter what he couldn’t put it into words, he did a lot more than people who rush to him from across the field, to touch, to take pictures. Respect is something that is present in our lives, otherwise we would have broken up long ago, because love and passion are such ephemeral concepts.”

We can only rejoice and wait for the new good news. After all paint has admitted that he hopes to once again experience the joy of fatherhood.