You take me a photographer: 5 key rules for a unique selfie

Ты сними меня, фотограф: 5 главных правил неповторимых селфи Even to make good pictures for a phone, you need to try. We publish a number of tips that will help you to feel confident when you aimed any camera.

      Ты сними меня, фотограф: 5 главных правил неповторимых селфи

      Make a good photo even when you think you look perfect, is not so simple. Perhaps, each faced with the problem of non-ideal images, especially if we are talking about a selfie. “StarHit” gathered a few important rules that are important to remember whenever you pick up the phone-enabled camera.

      Dress correctly

      Look at old photos and note what outfits you look best. Especially be alert to cut and color – the selected color can give a person a swamp-green hue, others emphasize a variety of skin imperfections. In the mirror is not always obvious, but the photos ruthlessly reveal all of the fashion mistakes. Picking up clothes, preen in front of a mirror – you from all sides must be like a goddess. No peeking from the neckline straps and translucent fabric through linen!


      While looking at myself in the mirror, take different poses and try different facial expressions. At the same time, determine the best position: the body and the face is asymmetrical, therefore, on the one hand we always look slimmer and fresher than the other. Your task is to find a suitable angle.


      Ты сними меня, фотограф: 5 главных правил неповторимых селфи

      If you turn to the camera face, it will immediately add you to a few extra pounds and turn the face in a pancake. It is better to stand at an angle of 45%, slightly putting the foot forward – this will visually add height and slimness. Do not press the arms to the torso and not crossed on your chest – so they will seem thicker and the overall silhouette is more massive. Hands you can start in the hair slightly sherashov them, daring to rest in the side or raise up as in ballet. If you are sitting, turn around to the camera polubokom and lightly cross your legs at the ankles, or the knees will get huge, but calves are heavy.

      If you take a little from the bottom, so legs look longer, but the problem of double chin – if you put your head down and look into the lens, it will certainly appear. With this perspective, it is better to lift the head.


      Ты сними меня, фотограф: 5 главных правил неповторимых селфиThe bright sun in Zenith will reward you with black shadows under the nose and under the eyes, and even undesirable squint (you’ll look like a Chinese beekeeper). Artificial light, if it is not a professional Studio floodlight exhibited by the master, makes a person pale and tired, highlighting all the wrinkles. Better to be photographed at dawn or sunset, when the warm tone of the light hides all the irregularities of the skin.


      If you are one of those whose face at the words “say cheese” hardens, try to not look into the lens and to the side. Or close your eyes, ask the photographer to count to three and on the count of three open your eyes – so will be no anxiety, no tension. A natural smile is the best facial expression for the shot. So it was just natural, not stretched out, before a photo shoot, think about something pleasant or funny, remember funny jokes, or last known good romantic date.