Emma stone said the DoppelgangeR Ryan Gosling, who invited her to prom

Эмма Стоун ответила двойнику Райана Гослинга, пригласившему ее на выпускной

The musical “La La land” not only charmed viewers and critics with its love story and a brilliant performance, but was the basis for the creation of parodies. Moreover, not always comic or having the purpose to make fun of some moments of the movie. So, the student named Jacob Staudenmaier inspired by a picture of Damien Chazelle removed the parody which invited the girl to the school prom. The girl was the actress Emma stone, who received his first “Oscar” all the same “La La land”.

Staudenmayer, admitted that he had feelings for the actress since the release of the tape “Birdman” and “La La land” and even called the best film.

Seventeen-year-old teenager altered the words to “Another Day of Sun”, which became the soundtrack of the tape. “They say I look like Ryan Gosling, and maybe they are a little bit exaggerating…” — sang Jacob.

Emma’s response was not long in coming.

Jacob, thank you for made me the best offer I have ever received. Words cannot describe how good that feels. I laughed throughout this amazing video. At the moment I am in London on the set of the new film, but really hope you have a great time at the prom. I am grateful for your confession. THANK you! PS I noticed you have some of the features of Ryan. With love, Emma”, — said in a response letter stone, which Jacob personally read the show Good Morning America.

Note that Staudenmaier – not the only one who was hoping to communicate with the star by inviting her on a date in an original way.

For example, last year Jennifer Lopez received an unexpected invitation from a 23-year-old len Sansone. A man recorded a video in which he called J. Lo out and asked all concerned to distribute it with tags @JenniferLopez and #DateWithLan.