Yevgeny Petrosyan is showing dictatorial tendencies

Евгений Петросян проявляет деспотические наклонности
Yesterday, 16 September, congratulations in honor of the birthday took comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan, he was 72 years old.

Евгений Петросян проявляет деспотические наклонности

The artist continues to delight the audience with their jokes and not going to retire. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to study life code Petrosian.

“Eugene vaganovich was born in “Day of the living energy” – shares Kuzenbaeva. His life code – 358336 – suggests that he is a carrier of the signs of artistry and power. He’d make a brilliant leader or a businessman, because he’s a great analyst, patient and fair man and has hypnotic powers. This person is able to work for days and slaved. But he suffers from mood swings and at times oppressive. After angry outbursts, however, he regrets that he told a close up of the barbs and always apologizes for his words.”

Despite this, Yevgeny Petrosyan have many years of happy marriage with his wife, the Joker by Elena Stepanenko.

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