Anna Netrebko has revealed the truth about multi-million dollar earnings

Анна Нетребко раскрыла правду о многомиллионных заработках
Opera singer Anna Netrebko is a very popular in the sphere, she performs all over the world.

Анна Нетребко раскрыла правду о многомиллионных заработках

Some time ago, the Network has spread information that the singer earned a huge fortune. Anna decided to clarify this news and know where the information came from.

“The media wrote, if I made seven and a half million dollars per year, but this is absolutely not true. Don’t know where they got these figures. Honestly, I don’t have that kind of money, if you sell the entire property, all that I have, can and will be released about this amount. However, I can’t say goodbye with apartments in new York and Vienna, as they bought in installments for 30 years,” said the singer.

According to Netrebko, her income is not small, but does not reach the amount that it is credited.

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