Elena Zakharova told how he coped with the death of eight-month-old daughter

Елена Захарова рассказала, как справилась со смертью восьмимесячной дочери The actress touched on a painful subject in the program “Word” on TV channel “Spas”. Elena Zakharova told that from the sad thoughts of her saved exclusively by faith in God. Now the young woman started to visit the temple.
Елена Захарова рассказала, как справилась со смертью восьмимесячной дочери

Elena Zakharova is trying not to discuss with journalists the death of his daughter Anna Maria. The girl died in 2011 at the age of eight months from acute viral infections. The actress was very upset by family tragedy, but continued to work – played in the theater and in film.

Zakharova does not deny that it is still difficult to discuss this topic. However, in the program “Word” she still managed to talk about the tragedy. Barely holding back tears, the actress revealed that she helped to cope with the terrible ordeal.

“Faith. That faith has saved me! Yet family and friends helped, of course. Saved me the hope that we all someday will be together again, I’m going to see my daughter,” he told the star.

After the tragedy Zakharova has become much more likely to go to Church, take communion and confess. A few weeks later, after the death of the heiress, Elena returned to the set to plunge into work and forget about your sorrows.

Now the actress is incredibly popular in the profession. She manages to play in the theater and the cinema, paying a lot of time to charity work. Star emphasizes that hospitals and children’s homes need a lot of mental strength.

“Children need to see that you share the positive. I once hosted a new year event at the center for children with cancer. It was very difficult. With them I tried not to cry, but before the speech and after the tears were welling up. Want to see such sick kids as much as possible” – shared his memories of the star.

In addition, Elena often leads the celebrations in the Church. She loves to visit the temple, as there feels happy.

The actress prefers not to discuss the topic of possible motherhood in the future. After the death of his daughter Elena broke up with husband Sergei Mamontov, and since then the fans no information about his personal life Zakharova. Star actively “Instagram”, but prefers to share photos, work and leisure. Fans support the artist, noting that she manages to not only build a career, but also to help those in need.