Yevgeny Kafelnikov finally broke relations with his wife

Евгений Кафельников окончательно разорвал отношения с женой Famous tennis player said that with Maria Tishkova it nothing connects. The sports star said that looking for a new girl, and the mother of his child doesn’t communicate for about a year. The couple officially divorced in 2001, but in February 2016 rumors about their reunion.

      Евгений Кафельников окончательно разорвал отношения с женой

      Personal life of famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov in recent times is not the best. Despite the claims of his daughter Alesya in February of this year that after 15 years of divorce, their parents ‘ relationships improved, and they have “everything starts again”, the pair couldn’t be together.

      The day before the tennis star stated that finally broke up with Maria Tishkova and specified that does not communicate with his wife about a year. 42-year-old athlete made it clear that he is open for new acquaintances. “I have no girl. I hope that I can find. The main fact in women not the ability to cook borscht, and that the person you approached. I want children, son. I hope that everything is still ahead”, – said Evgeniy journalists.

      Recall that the ex-first racket of the world divorced model Maria Tishkova in 2001. By court daughter Ales left to live with his father. After a few years in an interview with Yevgeniy spoke about ex-wife: “We are already strangers. When she wants to be with her daughter, she calls my parents”.

      However, the difficulties with Maria does not affect the relationship Kafelnikov with his beloved daughter, an aspiring model Alesya. He pays enough attention to her and watches, with whom the young heiress. Father and daughter spend a lot of time together. Eugene attends the screenings with the participation of Ales watching her photo shoots and records in “Instagram”. In turn, the successor of tennis player often shares with fans a touching family shots.

      At the end of March edition rumored that Eugene is concerned about the thinness of his heiress and finds that she has anorexia. Ales itself later denied this information, explaining that the words her father misinterpreted. In the “live” model Manager Vadim Romanovich also denied the rumors about anorexia and Kafelnikov told how the athlete communicates with my daughter and watching the girls diet.

      “Eugene A. participates directly in the education of Lesya and cares, he goes to her shows, he is really watching her diet. They constantly visit doctors, given that this is a sports family, they look after their health. No doctor gave this diagnosis, which can be discussed now,” – said the representative of the young star.

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