Blake lively is pregnant with her second child

Блейк Лайвли беременна вторым ребенком

Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds for a second time are going to become parents. According to Daily Mail, star of TV series “Gossip girl” is in position and will soon give her husband a second child.

Official statements from couples so far not been reported. The assumption that Blake is in an interesting position appeared after the paparazzi photographed lively on the set of the film “Shallow” in Malibu.

Блейк Лайвли беременна вторым ребенком

28-year-old actress was carefully covered her stomach with a robe, but changes in the shape are less visible.

On the presented photo still shows that the stomach of the wife of Reynolds rounded. So the news about the pregnancy is very likely to be true.

It is worth saying that the filming of “the shallows” is not meant to be. The workflow was completed in the fall of 2015, when the lively was not yet in position. So a reshoot was complex and for the stars and the crew.

Recall that the pregnancy with their first child Blake also long concealed and not commented. Daughter named Jamie haven’t seen.

Блейк Лайвли беременна вторым ребенком

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