Vladimir Putin commented on personal life

Владимир Путин прокомментировал личную жизнь The President answered the question the Russians. The woman asked when the country will know the name of the first lady. Vladimir Putin has assured investigators that his personal life is in order, but he did not wish to become public knowledge.

      Владимир Путин прокомментировал личную жизнь

      Today Russian President Vladimir Putin answers questions of all citizens of our country. Traditionally “straight line” with the head of the country began with discussion of urgent problems and issues which affect the interests of the entire population. However, it was not without surprises of our compatriots. One of the women asked Vladimir Putin via video link with the question of when he will introduce the country’s first lady.

      Pausing for a moment before responding, Putin noted that it is unlikely to take place soon. In addition, the President assured the public that his former wife Lyudmila Alexandrovna, and he himself, in his personal life all is well.

      Arthur Ocheretny and Lyudmila Putin is familiar to more than a decade?

      “You know, Lyudmila Alexandrovna sometimes seen. Not often, but sometimes. We have very good relations, maybe even better than they were before, – said Vladimir Putin. Is she satisfied with their lives and doing well. I’m happy I’m OK too. People choose us to ensure that we worked. And things that concern his personal life, they certainly are of interest to people, I’ve accepted it. Maybe someday I will be able to satisfy your curiosity. Thank you very much”.

      Recall that in 2013 “StarHit” published a large article about the couple Putins “Personal life of the President: family photo”in which the psychic Mohsen, Noroozi made a very accurate prediction about their relationship. The clairvoyant then suggested that a cooling in relations between Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin have been several years ago, but it is clear that they still respect and love each other. “For a long time they no longer lived together, but the final decision about the divorce took at the end of last year.”

      Владимир Путин прокомментировал личную жизнь

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