Евгений Кафельников о баснословных гонорарах, личном самолете и допинге Марии Шараповой The man gave a Frank interview to journalists, which shed light on some details of his biography, and also spoke about the vast income, private aircraft, and attitude toward celebrities. Statements Kafelnikov has provoked debate online.
Евгений Кафельников о баснословных гонорарах, личном самолете и допинге Марии Шараповой

Recently, tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov gave a Frank interview to the journalist Yuri Dude that caused the big public resonance. Honored master of sports of Russia have revealed some details of his biography, and shared their views on the activities of a number of public figures. So, the man spoke about his personal aircraft, which he flew for a Champions League match in “Luzhniki” was held in 2000. Then Eugene specifically came to Moscow from Stockholm, to support “Spartak”.

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According to the athlete, the plane was not a luxury but a means of transportation that allowed him to save much time.

“The service side – with flight crews, Parking and everything else – cost me 400 000 euros per year. I have at the moment was a good model – Cessna Citation X (Model 750). The base price was about 17 million euros. And I was the only one able to earn this: bought it for 17 million, and has sold over 17.5 million”, – said the man.

The tennis player did not take out loans for the purchase of the aircraft. Yevgeny Kafelnikov got well enough to afford such a purchase, not turning to banks. But for his entire career, according to the ATP website, he earned 23 million 800 thousand dollars. 30% of their income the athlete had to pay in taxes.

The first time Kafelnikov has earned a fabulous fee in 1994. “According to the report, which provides ATP, you see: career prize money – $1 000 000”, – says the man. As soon as he had received a large amount, then set the bar higher. The next goal of tennis was to achieve in the amount of $ 10 million.

The 90s were a time of rapid development of the career of Eugene. He was one of the few who went with a mobile phone, not a pager. The monthly bill for cellular services totaled about 3-4 thousand dollars, but the man didn’t care. He also admitted that he does not agree with the criticism of the first President of the Russian Federation. Kafelnikov does not hide that communicated with a politician, and when he retired, the athlete went to his dacha.

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“Boris Yeltsin is commonly perceived as the man who destroyed the country. Only idiots can say that to blame him for all the ills. The man himself gave power – it also says what kind of structure it was. I’m to the bone convinced that Boris Nikolayevich was a democracy…” – said the tennis player.

Now, when Kafelnikov and he ended his career in 2003, the man was gone from the sport – he is the Vice-President of Federation of tennis of Russia. Many Internet users also know that Eugene is actively “Twitter” and “Instagram”. In his microblog Yevgeny Kafelnikov supported the decision of the organizers of the “Roland Garros”, not issuing a Maria Sharapova special invitation (wild cart).

“I’m not aggressive. I’m neutral… When they say that Meldonium harmless drug, I don’t believe it. She specially for some purposes used. Let’s say you have a heart problem. Then you announce this in advance: I have a problem. Then would disappear all the questions. But if you have not done it before, and continued to use this drug, I refuse to believe that it is harmless,” explained the athlete.

In a recent interview with Yevgeny Kafelnikov also spoke about his desire to start a family and become a father. Once the athlete has officially put an end to the relationship model, Maria Tishkova, it took about a year. “I am confident that sooner or later it will happen – and certainly in the near future”, – quotes tennis player Sports.ru.

We will add that in the mid-noughties the famous athlete is seriously interested in poker and even participated in international tournaments. However, Kafelnikov couldn’t always win – it was said that the man pulled large amounts on your hobby. In this regard, he was even suspected of ludomania. However, after Kafelnikov got to the big competition in Las Vegas, the desire to play cards he had lost. For many years, as Eugene does not favor gambling.