Natalia Oreiro 40: what became of the ageless diva, in love with Russia

Наталье Орейро 40: что стало с нестареющей дивой, влюбленной в Россию Today Latin American artist celebrates. Natalia Oreiro throughout his career does not get tired to surprise the audience. Especially the actress and singer is loved in Russia almost every year she arranges a huge concerts at the biggest venues in the country.
Наталье Орейро 40: что стало с нестареющей дивой, влюбленной в Россию

In the late 90s Natalia Oreiro appeared on the screen as a young orphan that was adopted by a rich family. Viewers around the world were literally glued to the TV screens when the series went “Wild angel”. The success of the soap Opera built the lead actors in the category of super stars – millions of girls all over the planet wanted to be like a young Natalia Oreiro. Despite the fact that it has been almost 20 years since the release of the series, the Argentine star is still bathed in the love of the fans. Today, may 19, Hispanic celebrity celebrates 40th anniversary.

Eternal youth

Despite the fact that Natalia Oreiro celebrates a good round figure, it affects the fans blossomed. Many admire her looks. They note that time has no power over actress – performances she appears in a rather revealing costumes than causes excitement among fans. In early December, when the artist gave concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, she went through a few dresses. Each costume was pretty straightforward, allowing viewers to consider, turned the figure of the celebrity.

Also, many can not forget the appearance of Natalia on the red carpet at the premiere of “Gilda. I don’t regret this love”, in which the Argentine star played a major role. Oreiro chose a translucent gray-blue dress that perfectly emphasized her figure.

However, the artist not so speaks enthusiastically about his appearance. Two years ago it was recognized that with age, she noticed a change skin and body. Natalia was upset that she no longer had the energy, what was 10 years ago. She is not struggling to look young, refuses roles of young girls and is proud to have become wiser and more experienced as an actress.

The Natalia Oreiro without makeup blew up the Internet

The disorder in the family

Natalia married to musician Ricardo Mollo, who is older than her 20 years. Fans admire a family idyll celebrities. However, their family had a crises and disagreements.

In the movie “Among the cannibals”, the artist became close with actor Benjamín Vicuña. Many fans didn’t want to believe that the peer could break out passion. The marriage of a man seemed to be very strong – he lived with his wife Carolina and raised three children. Benjamin later admitted that he no longer lives with his wife, and Natalia left my house. However, this novel did not last long due to the termination of the filming of the series, the artists stopped to see.

After that the paparazzi managed to shoot Oreiro with her husband – he escorted her to the airport when she flew to Russia to speak. Then the reporters came to the conclusion that her husband had the wisdom to forgive Natalia. Now the couple are raising a son Merlin Atahualpa. Fans are happy that the family of the artist sense, and fans from our country say that a musician is incredibly similar to the Stas Kostushkin. Natalia Oreiro returned to her husband after infidelity

Love for Russia

Natalia Oreiro is a frequent guest in our country. She regularly indulges fans with performances and grandiose concerts at the largest venues in major cities. Usually show the Uruguayan beauties come to a few tens of thousands of people. Natalia admitted that she loves to be in Russia.

Latin celebrity told me that after the tour she has gathered a whole collection of Christmas decorations in Russian style. She was planning to celebrate the New year according to the Russian traditions. She also boasted that the son even learnt a poem in our language.

“I really would like to know the whole of Russia. I think when the world Cup, I will stay here and I will move from town to town. It’s a good idea!” – said the actress to meet with fans in Moscow.

Natalia also learned some words in Russian, but wants to master this language to freely Express their thoughts. The arrival of Natalia Oreiro in Russia caused a scandal

At the end of last year Oreiro visited the Moscow film festival, where he presented the painting “Our Natasha”, which tells about her tour of Russia.

“It’s a movie of life. Maybe he turned slightly melancholic. My fans know that the tour in Russia, as in life, I had a huge amount of difficulty. Together with the Director of the film Martin Sastre we decided to show the features of my relationships with a Russian audience. We can say that this film is my gift to the fans who are with me for more than 15 years,” presented kinoraboty Natalia.

Musical career

Natalia Oreiro continues to delight fans of not only film roles, but also produces hits. At the end of last year, she presented a video that turned out to be quite honest. In the story, Natalya gets on the train, but the train appears in a revealing swimsuit that accentuates her figure and excites the imagination.

Also the actress appears in a long white dress in which she dances surrounded by passionate men. Fans appreciated this video and said that Natalia Oreiro is deservedly considered over a couple of decades, style icon and role model.