Philip Kirkorov celebrates his victory in the case of plagiarism

Филипп Киркоров празднует победу в деле о плагиате The artist shared some important news in his microblog. Philip and lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky not hide pleasure concerning long-awaited completion of the resonance of history. The singer is pleased that its litigation with Frenchman Didier Marouani finally came to an end.
Филипп Киркоров празднует победу в деле о плагиате

At the end of last year, the leader of the French group Space Didier Marouani accused of plagiarism, the Russian artist Philip Kirkorov. The man has addressed in court with the requirement to forbid the singer to perform the hit “tough love,” and to reimburse him for damages in the amount of 75,34 million rubles. Kirkorov himself denied the claims in his address. The king of the domestic pop scene stated that he purposely dragged into a scandal. People’s artist of the Russian Federation has put forward the version that someone wants to become famous at his expense.

Philip expressed his position in the case of plagiarism

Before it became known that Basmanny court of Moscow dismissed the complaint Didier Marouani and lawyer Igor Trunov on law enforcement officers. According to the French musician and his representative, the actions of the police who detained them in November last year, was incorrect. His decision, the judge Artur Karpov is motivated by the fact that the subject of complaint conflicting with the Russian artist hand does not fall under article 125 of the code (“Leaving in danger”).

Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, representing the interests of Philip Kirkorov, and shared good news in his microblog. The judge did not hide emotions from a long-awaited triumph.

“Moscow court finally sent away the last complaint of the Frenchman Marouani and his lawyer. Maybe they like it when they… Well, you understand,” Dobrovinsky wrote in Instagram.

Philip shared with the lawyer the joy of victory. “Who would doubt you, dear Alexander Andreyevich! There is nothing to gape at someone else,” said the artist in one of his social networks.

Fans of the famous artist wished him further victories. “Bravo, darling Philip”, “Congratulations”, “Excellent, it couldn’t”, “well Done”, “good for you”, “a man, a hard worker, a true artist, Dobrovinsky – the clever, lump,” wrote in the comments of the post star.

Earlier, lawyer Philip Kirkorov noted that the claims of foreign artists – a very common phenomenon. Dobrovinsky humorously refers to statements by musicians, who often do not have much value. “We occasionally hear about those mystical claims which are routinely denied. Then they turn to the Moscow courts, then appeal courts of the USA. It seems to me that Mr Trunov and his colleagues rich imagination…” – with these words the lawyer commented on the information about the reconciliation Kirkorov and Marouani, which appeared in the press.