Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya told about the collapse of his marriage

Евгения Добровольская рассказала о крахе своего брака People’s artist of Russia Evgenia Dobrovolskaya admits that he does not consider husband’s family. After eight years of marriage, she is sure that the value is only in children. The actress was not talking about divorce, but admitted that he sees no reason to start a family.

      Евгения Добровольская рассказала о крахе своего брака

      All questions about personal Eugene always answer with pleasure, but as if it takes away from this concept her husband, cameraman Dmitry Manannikova. Celebrity with pleasure speaks about four children. But only the husband’s name she is a nervous TIC.

      “I have a wonderful family, I live with children and live for them. The husband is an outsider, he’s not even your relative. You can imagine it? The woman clings to the man and says he doesn’t know how without him, makes a foolish dog,” – said Dobrovolskaya in an interview.

      After eight years of marriage, spouses may experience a crisis in the relationship. But when Eugene and Dmitry have got acquainted, there was not a happier pair. Then the artist for the young chosen one was even willing to go on a risky step – to give birth to their fourth child. And this period it does not remembers with tenderness. Says that nothing is more difficult for her to survive is not necessary.

      “When you always write doctors our favorite you – Ponderosa, it’s awful. You cannot imagine what are women. 39 they have such a hex, and 43. You cannot imagine the things I’ve heard,” recalled pregnancy actress.

      And daughter Nastya, which movie star gave birth at 43 years old, was not the only global change in life of Eugenia after her marriage with Dmitry. Immediately afterward, the artist realized that the urgent need to lose weight, she changed her lifestyle. Today in an interview Dobrovolskaya vspomnit that were ready for all restrictions to be lifted and shapely. She refused to even small pleasures that he tried to instill in the family. From the moment when the actress sat on a diet in the house was no longer anything harmful. These efforts, however, my husband did not appreciate.

      “We had the scandal in the family – closed the refrigerator, there was not the wrong food, I began to feed all right, came a little before the divorce. No pizza, chocolate disaster. I think in this case, all the disaffected have to go out! In this case, you need to be in good, selfish, because when you begin to follow the man’s stomach and to pave the way to it, you lose yourself!” – added the actress in the program “You wouldn’t believe” on the TV channel NTV.

      Today, the celebrity who has already been married three times, admits that the recipe of family happiness her unknown. In addition, experience as an actress showed that it is better not to have a family at all. The first husband was the actor Veceslava by Baranina. Second – Mikhail Efremov. The current satellite Eugenia – Dmitry Manannikov. The artist has four children.

      “Family secret? I am generally against family, against a stranger of the men who came to you once, and now sits next to. Unless he set you up in the castle! And if this had not happened, then I do not understand why this is necessary,” said the actress.