Trapped in the net: why we are annoyed by bloggers and how to deal with them

Замурованные в Сети: почему нас раздражают блогеры и как с ними бороться Anetta Orlova told how the craze of social networks can lead to a mental disorder. According to the expert, in this case, suffer themselves popular, and their followers, which day after day resulted in complexes.

      Замурованные в Сети: почему нас раздражают блогеры и как с ними бороться

      Bloggers – heroes of our time, young people from popular accounts, whose names at all on hearing. How they play sports and go to restaurants, daily see hundreds of thousands of people. To be a blogger, you don’t need to know how to sing, dance or have other talents – in fact, become a well-known online person today can anyone who has a mobile phone and Internet access. “StarHit” found a psychologist Annette Orlova, the secret of bloggers and why people are curious to watch them.

      “In fact, blogging implements the basic human needs – to Express themselves and to reach their potential and the need to be recognized other people, says anetta. Often the need for attention from bloggers exaggerated, that is exaggerated. Getting likes and views from these people is the meaning of life, and the user forgets the real values. Not to say that bloggers are people with complexes, but also can’t argue with the fact that people are confident and do not have the traction to constantly prove to others their worth, will put life on the outside. The stronger the person’s internal conflict between his real self and the ideal picture of what it should be, the more he will try to attract attention”. The emotional fuel for him is the attention drawn to it, and it doesn’t matter what it is.
      Замурованные в Сети: почему нас раздражают блогеры и как с ними бороться

      Psychologist believes that popular bloggers with popular social media accounts – most of them notorious personalities.

      “The fact that to a popular blog so that it was not the only purpose of your life, are only a few, – said the psychologist. – Immediate success and the obtaining of preferences and benefits free branded items and money for advertising generates these people setting for the rest of life that everything is just for you popular in the Network. Whether such people to cope with the changes that will come when his popularity reduced, and the number of people willing to supply it for free everything necessary diminished? Will he be able to work and do real good or he will go into depression and is blaming the whole world? Hardly… But it is inevitable, can not be at the peak of popularity forever. Time goes by, the Internet is generating new characters that joke funnier and look better. And how can you be a blogger, say, 45 years? Needless to say, no…”

      Замурованные в Сети: почему нас раздражают блогеры и как с ними бороться

      According to Orlova, in this danger lies in wait for fans to show their life in the Network does not end there. “Unfortunately, today blogging are so carried away, and to keep the audience’s attention so hard that many have to go to incredible lengths to literally suck the thumb of some events, shock extraordinary action to come up with scenarios just to stay on trend, says anetta. – Besides blogging, as a social network “Instagram” or Facebook, blurs the boundaries between personal and public. More and more people that get pleasure from the fact that, share even the most ordinary events in real-time. But dangerous is not it, but what if people, for whatever reason, does not get the instant reaction, blog, or profile “likes” or comments, he does not feel fully accomplished event. In other words, you came to the theater, made “selfies” in the mirror in the wardrobe, posted in “Instagram”, they say, look, what I have done, have come to reclaim! And people do not praise you, not “like it. In result, lost the mood, and go to stage no longer want. It’s scary…”

      The psychologist noted that people living a full life, not become daily surf accounts of popular Internet personalities. “People usually are addicted to the failed personality with a tendency to dependent behavior, – says Orlova. – Such people are happy to be an endless choose your own hero. Admiring and continuously monitoring the events of someone else’s life, they are, in fact, avoids meetings.

      Замурованные в Сети: почему нас раздражают блогеры и как с ними бороться…And if blogger still demonstrative narcissistic personality, subscribers can also acquire the complexes. Out how talented he is, look how how he. And I can not do anything… That is, readers can develop black-and-white strategies in behavior, in which you have to be either super popular, or to sit in the gallery. Simply put, even with some talent man, fascinated by someone of the most popular bloggers may not attempt to try to prove himself, fearing that he will fail”.