Молодая супруга Гордона поделилась редким семейным кадром The entertainer and his 22-year-old wife Noza Abdulvasieva do not indulge the audience with photos from private life. Sons to parents are also kept away from prying eyes. Because fans enthusiastically perceive each publication the happy couple. Today in a Network there is one of these images.

      Молодая супруга Гордона поделилась редким семейным кадром

      The photo depicted a journalist, his missus and their eldest child. Selfies caused a storm of emotions from fans of the show-Maine.

      Son Alexander appeared in the family three years ago. The journalist could not hide his happiness from the appearance of the heir. Although Gordon tried to spread about family matters. And delight fans of frequent family photos are not in a hurry. In fact, as the wife of Noza. She is also very secretive in his microblog.

      Молодая супруга Гордона поделилась редким семейным кадром“He lives in the next room, he is silent as I am. I miss him. All the time. Even when I’m around. This is happiness, of course,” he told me once in one of the TV shows Gordon and after this revelation there was silence again.

      Three months ago the young wife gave the broadcaster a second child. Then joyful parents shared their impressions with journalists and even released a picture with a newborn. But then again there was a lull. Unlike many wives of famous personalities, But don’t advertise every step of the baby. She regularly records with stories about the development of the baby and how she teaches.

      Молодая супруга Гордона поделилась редким семейным кадром

      But Nora recently surprised everybody by posting several photos with the senior heir. One of them is the son of Alexander depicted with the father, on the other – But walks with the baby sitting in the stroller. And the third picture shows how the child is growing rapidly – he briskly walks mom down the street. Probably in some cases.

      Молодая супруга Гордона поделилась редким семейным кадром

      Six months ago, Alexander Gordon introduced Sasha and her older daughter. It was important for the family meeting – after all, Anna lives in the United States. The girl then shared with the father was very worried. Then the wife of the TV presenter also added a rare shot in the social network and simply peed: “Brother and sister met.” By the way, But six years younger, the eldest daughter of her husband. However, women are in great relationships.

      The couple met on the set of the TV series “Smart guy”. Gordon played a role, and NASA came as a reporter to do a story about the film. At that time the host already had two children. The first born during the Union with Maria Vedernikova, the second from a journalist from Krasnodar. In an interview, Gordon mentioned that he sees a daughter Alexandra, but supports her financially.