Повышенная секретность: почему звездные мужчины скрывают жен от публики Famous artists try to hide not only their novels and new loves, but some legitimate wives. Some have put a taboo on demonstration of a family holiday, others prefer not to appear in public with female companions.

      Повышенная секретность: почему звездные мужчины скрывают жен от публики

      Representatives of the stronger sex of mankind, to conquer the peaks show business, often hiding from the prying eyes of his novels. There is little change after the couples will legitimize relationships. Actors and musicians regularly publish posts in social networks, but even they tend to display more creativity than to brag about their beautiful wives. Unlike the Hollywood counterparts, who have all the personal life exposed, Russian men try to keep the perps from the burden of fame. “StarHit” decided to tell you about the most secretive of them.


      Famous TV presenter and actor Ivan Urgant with his wife Natalia Kiknadze met in school. However, the relationship between them developed many years after graduation. Their marriage is considered to be one of the most solid unions in showbiz, but actor-mate protects from attention. At social events, parties and awards it is often possible to find one.

      The showman does not hide from the prying eyes of their children. Photo with 7-year-old Nina, a 15-year-old Eric and one-year-old Valeria Ivan publishes in social networks regularly. But the wife shows only on special occasions. For example, last year, when the entire Internet was discussing the birth of the younger child’s TV presenter, in his “Instagrame” there is a touching family picture – with his wife Natalia and two daughters.

      Then again, there was silence for a long year. Recently Urgant has published in his account a family portrait with Natalia congratulated her with birthday. Fans of the showman hinted: “they Say, a good idea is often to demonstrate the woman”. However, given the trends in this intimate issue, probably before 2018 Ivan us joint special moments with his wife are not happy.


      Popular showman Sergey Svetlakov, a favorite of the Russian audience for his role in a humorous program “Our Russia” film about Comedy “Christmas Tree”, also does not like to show your faithful. The actor on the screen in the role of a man appears much more often than shows with real married life.

      Sergey and Antonina met six years ago at the premiere of one of the films with the participation of Svetlakov. But now they are rarely seen together at social events. The pair tries to avoid the attention of the crowd. During pregnancy wife caring husband behaved like a real conspirator. In joint visits, he rented private houses. In the hotel the couple had stayed. After the birth of her son Ivan, the actor calmed down and ceased openly to hide mate, but shared images of the rare fans happy. For example, a husband and wife appeared together at the premiere of “One left” in 2015, and their next, the photo was published only in 2016, when they are vacationing in Spain.


      Actor, singer and philanthropist Gosha Kutsenko with his second wife, model Irina, Skrinichenko legalized relations only after 10 years of passionate love. Hide beautiful wife, accustomed to appear in public as often as he himself did not. But gosh, doesn’t please the fans of home photo shoots.

      Incidentally, Kutsenko your level of stealth. He often and with pleasure tells in an interview about his wife and daughter. The musician even took in his video “This love” the most expensive it women. But prefers not to distribute in your Network of family and historical photographs. More than a year ago Kutsenko added a rare shot in his Instagram. Then the family of the actor, all the staff went on vacation in Sochi. But to continue the history of the holiday publications of pictures on the beach – not in the spirit of the musician.


      Star of stage Roman Bilyk, better known under psevdonimom Roma Beast for a long time carefully concealed his beloved Marina. But after the wedding, in the press flashed their pictures. The couple have been together for over five years, raising her daughter, but for the public to meet the musician with his wife was almost impossible.

      “Marina is humble, and I didn’t even think to offer her to go to some party. The man being monosyllabic. If she wanted, I would have drove it, but, thank God, this did not happen”, – explained in an interview with the musician.

      Apparently, over time, the Roma managed to instill the love for secular events. The blog of a singer now and is full of different pictures with his wife at shows and premieres. And here is a photo from the home archive of the musician is still classified as “top secret”.


      Повышенная секретность: почему звездные мужчины скрывают жен от публики

      Screenwriter and producer Simon Slepakov with his wife Carina are happy together for more than 6 years. They married a year later after a beautiful novel. The wedding was a secret and surprise for fans of the showman. However, here, rather, the stealth showed beloved humorist, far from show business and scene (Karina – a lawyer by training).

      Wedding lovers played in Italy, inviting only the closest. Why no pictures from the party appeared on the Network. Yes, and Simon never puts in his account of family photos. Over time, the comedian, persuaded the wife to attend social events with him. Now Karina with her husband can often be seen at openings and exhibitions. Find pairs of pictures from vacation or the weekend is almost impossible.


      Повышенная секретность: почему звездные мужчины скрывают жен от публики

      Journalist, showman and father of many children Otar Kushanashvili not only protects civil wife Olga Kurochkin from prying eyes, but generally talks about the reluctant marriage (he was married three times). But their children from public viewing by the presenter is not hiding and speaks of them with pleasure.

      “They only make me stronger! Save the demographics – it’s the number 8!” – admitted to journalists “StarHit”, when the family were awaiting replenishment.

      Social networking flock is impossible to find any pictures together with companion. At social events Olga and her husband also does not appear. Perhaps the reason is the constant workload of both. The civil wife of the showman contains a Georgian restaurant, and also engaged in promotion of women’s group “5B”.


      Повышенная секретность: почему звездные мужчины скрывают жен от публики

      Singer Vitas for a long time didn’t talked about how things on the personal front. When, finally, he prepodal the veil of secrecy began to understand the reasons for his secrecy. The musician met his future wife, Svetlana, when he was 19. Beloved was then a 15-year-old schoolgirl. The marriage was held secret from the family. The wedding future celebrity friends had prepared, and a feast rolled on the hunt.

      Now, when the couple has already celebrated 12 anniversary of living together and raising two children, hiding for no reason. However, to see his wife with the musician at parties is almost impossible. The singer, apparently, the habit of hiding their family pictures in Instagram is with great pleasure that shows their fans than the lawful spouse.


      33-year-old actor and showman Andrey burkovsky also rarely shows his one and only. With Olga he met as a student in a very domestic situation – they were in the same train. Then the lovers parted. Story of meeting the artist often mentions in conversations about family.

      “It all happened suddenly, as in a dream. Now remember only fragments, so it is difficult to talk about our meeting as something real. The important thing is that Olga is with me now,” – said in an interview with the actor.

      Today the couple has two children, but together appear in public is not love. Showman clearly delineated: work – work and family – family.

      Photos from his second half Andrew in the social media places, too, reluctantly. But all the posts are accompanied by a Declaration of love and a demonstration of the most anxious feelings. Followers rapidly discuss each picture.

      “Let love never leaves your heart! Be an example to all of us. A beautiful and harmonious couple! Huge happiness to you – write what the fans ask your favorite artist often publish family photos.

      However, the actor to their beliefs does not change and continues to protect his beloved wife from the prying eyes of fans and press.


      Well-known entertainer, actor and musician Timur Rodriguez is constantly surrounded by beautiful women. Leading constantly repeats in an interview: “For him there is no temptation, there is only one and only beloved!”. To Anne of Devochkina broadcaster met in 2006 at a nightclub. In 2007, the resident “Comedy Club” made her an offer. As befits a creative person, the place it chose, take the top of the volcano Etna.

      But all these facts and details about the personal life of the showman became known only recently. Earlier fans had no idea that the heart of their idol has long been occupied. Imagine their surprise when Timur posted in Instagram photo with his two sons. And then everything cleared up: the famous TV presenter is a devoted family man and a caring husband.


      Resident of Comedy Club Alexander Nezlobin friendly and open, but not in matters of personal life. His wife Aline and daughter Linda are always in the shade. With his future wife, the entertainer met in 2007. Five years later, the lovers made a cozy nest in Moscow and got married. Needless to say, their wedding celebrity did not advertise. And in order to protect the spouse during pregnancy from annoying interference of journalists, the actor took her to Miami. A little girl was born.

      The happy couple appears together on presentations and premieres, where the pleasure of posing for the cameras. But their family shots, they never share. For members Nezlobin known, there is only one part of his life.