Victoria Dayneko forced to leave the house with my daughter

Викторию Дайнеко вынудили покинуть дом с дочкой The singer checked into a hotel in the centre of Moscow. Cheryl Cole recently parted with her husband, changed her place of residence. The singer admitted that due to the forced move she felt like a tourist in the capital, where she has lived for many years.

      Singer Victoria Dayneko, in early March, informing fans of the sad news of a serious quarrel with her husband Dmitry Kleiman was forced to change my comfortable apartment to a hotel room. Husband of Victoria Daineko about divorce: “Not going to fix anything”

      Moved the vocalist from home in a hotel with a small daughter. Within a few days Dayneko felt in the city, where she has lived for the past fourteen years, guest.

      The move, as told by the singer, was forced, as in her apartment were working, and living there was impossible. Cheryl Cole has admitted that he was even glad for the time to change the environment and the rhythm of life.

      “A few days I’ve been wondering where to move. And suddenly I came up with the idea at this time to become tourists! We chose the hotel opposite red Square, with its view from the room window and every day walking to historic places. It is such a thrill, even when you live in the city for fourteen years. However, it seemed that we came to visit,” said Viktoriya Dayneko in the microblog.

      The singer also added that enthusiastic about the hotel and how her little daughter treated his staff. “Very professional staff and their special care for little guests have struck me in the heart! So everything was taken into account for the little lady that I had no words, only delight! We will definitely be back,” promised Daineko.

      By the way, to this day, the star and her heir had returned home, however, Victoria has admitted that the emotion of the recent move and new sensations of Moscow still fresh in the memory.

      Apparently, Cheryl Cole and her husband Dmitry Kleiman not too worried about separation. A week ago, the singer had fun at the presentation of the new clip, the young artist Urkish. The musician presented his work entitled “Margarita”. The winner of “Factory of stars-5,” has decided to support the artist and gladly attended the event. Not alone and Dmitry Kleiman. Not so long ago a musician was having fun in the company of his friends.