Stotsky accidentally revealed the sex of the baby

Стоцкая случайно раскрыла пол будущего ребенка Anastasia Stotskaya tells a lot about the future baby. She doesn’t like to spread about the secret – afraid of the evil eye. But emotions overwhelmed young mother. When the singer responds to journalists ‘ questions about pregnancy might inadvertently mentioned.

      Now a celebrity is the seventh month of pregnancy. She’s not hiding from the press and even to see the belly, but tries to keep secret the fact that you can hide. Not once she left from the answer to the question about who she’s having – boy or girl. On the eve Stotsky said, enthusiastically talking about the health.

      “She…Oh, baby dancing live there,” said Anastasia, and realized that declassified their secret.

      Also, the star does not like to say anything about the names of the unborn child. Hid is Nastya and during the first pregnancy. But she doesn’t like to share family traditions on this subject. For example, my husband had an agreement that the firstborn would call it, and the name of the second child will choose the singer.

      “The first time my husband suggested the name Alexander, in honor of my father. The second time I suggested, in honor of a very close person who is no longer with us,” said the actress in the program “You wouldn’t believe” on the TV channel NTV.

      The star also shared her ways to stay in shape. Stotsky gave me a kiss. Says, she is interested in the long haul. Although trying to engage in Eastern practices to the extent so as not to harm the health of the baby.

      Still, the singer admitted that the second pregnancy is more positive than the first: without toxicity and unbridled gastronomic desires.

      “I don’t want to eat chalk, egg shells or something. If I want something, just know that, go to the store and buy!” – told the artist.

      34-year-old actress and her husband Sergei is the son. Five-year-old Alexander her father. For a long time Stotskaya wife hid from the public: it did not appear with him at social events, not played it in social networks, what has generated a lot of rumors about the child. Some believed that the little artist was the son of Philip Kirkorov. During the second pregnancy she decided to be less secretive, to avoid unnecessary speculation. For example, when the artist could not hide his position, and the press reported her departure on maternity leave, she arranged a quiz in the Network. In his Instagram star invited followers to guess the gender of your baby. It is true then all were convinced that the young mother will return son.