Yelena Isinbayeva jumped with a pole for the kids

Елена Исинбаева прыгнула с шестом ради детей Two-time Olympic champion told followers on Instagram that she once again had to return to the stadium. The athlete motivated younger generation, for whom she established a special project. It aims to track the achievement of adolescents.

      On his page in the social network of Elena Isinbayeva shared the picture, which she holds in left hand a pole. Under the photo of Russian athlete wrote, how many events she had. She thanked those people who have supported it and continue to do so. She noted that each project leads to the one purpose of initiation to a healthy lifestyle. At the end of Isinbaeva admitted that he decided to make another jump with the aim to inspire the children with whom she now works.

      Charitable Foundation of the Olympic champion for a long time is organizing the event, which aims to help teenagers who are faced with certain difficulties. At the moment, Elena together with her team works with children with disabilities. The main objective in this case – to give them an opportunity of social adaptation.

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      After completing his professional career, Elena did not leave the sport forever. Her Fund, attracting famous athletes and Champions of Paralympic, wants to prove that nothing is impossible. The project “We believe in you!”, which launched last month and will last until may next year, needs to support 100 children from the Volgograd region. They will attend workshops, trainings, each of them developed a special technique, which contributes to their inner potential.

      “I believe that through the hard work, belief in yourself and determination can change lives, sport and exercise builds physically and psychologically. So we give children the opportunity to realize themselves in sports, stories of the achievements of the athletes we want to motivate children in their own achievements that they, despite the difficulties that they have to go through, can change your life” – shared in an interview Isinbayeva.

      General programme “Every child deserves a pedestal!”, in which created the project “We believe in you!”, Elena takes a lot of time, because after the election to the IOC athletes ‘ Commission in August of this year, on its shoulders lay a big responsibility. Anyway, in recognition Isinbayeva, for the children she did not mind. And she and her companions are now doing everything to create the best conditions for the promotion of active lifestyles to the masses. Teenagers, who are currently involved in a project in the near future have showcased what they have learned and then managed to achieve.

      Recently in his microblog, the athlete has submitted a video in which members had to meet with three stories of athletes who, despite the hardships of fate, managed to win Olympic medals. This, according to Helena, inspire other people to start believing in their own strength.

      “Goosebumps from the result of the work done. What it is – the way of the winner? What about testing those who became the Olympic champion and those who chose a different path? At what point do we need to say to yourself: “I want and I can do it!”? – wrote in Instagram Olympic champion.