Pregnant Kate Gordon “left behind”

Беременная Катя Гордон «осталась за бортом»
Leonid Agutin and Grigory Leps showed no mercy artist.

Kate Gordon, Dmitriy Nagiev, and Lera Gerger

Photo: freeze-frame of the TV show “the Voice”

Yesterday evening it became known that Kate Gordon, who is now in an interesting position “took off” from the TV show “the Voice.” TV star, held some time ago the blind auditions, made the team of Dima Bilan. However, during the so-called “fights” singer chose Gordon another performer — Leroy Gehner. Thus, Katya lost the opportunity to continue to participate in the TV show. Although Leonid Agutin and Grigory Leps was left in awe from her speech, to stand up for Gordon, they did not. Of course, the actress was upset by the decision Bilan, however, withstood the loss bravely and did not cry on stage.

Incidentally, Kate has celebrated her birthday. Party on the occasion of the 36 anniversary of the artist was not simply a feast. The birthday girl gave our guests a presentation of the new album “Sex&Drama”, which was associated with a small scandal. The fact is that when a collection of songs Kati was already completed, the presenter accused the singer Nyusha plagiarism.

By the way, at a birthday party absent the father of the son of Kathy. Gordon decided not to disclose the identity of her new lover. She believes that happiness love peace, so do not hurry to spread on the subject of personal life. The only thing shared Katia after the announcement of her pregnancy — the fact that in the near future it will not go away. She’s already been married three times, so this time not in a hurry to formalize their relationship.