The Tatiana Navka and her daughter has caused controversy in the Network

Снимок Татьяны Навки с подросшей дочкой вызвал споры в Сети
Skater teaches daughter womanly wiles.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Nadia

Photo: @tatiana_navka (Instagram Tatiana Navka)

Tatiana Navka shared the picture of his beloved daughter — Nadia. The photographer captured the process of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Pope baby — Dmitry Peskov. The successor of the Olympic champion together with her mother brought a “Marafet”. Tatiana teaches daughter from a very early age to care for themselves. Despite the fact that Nadia only two years, Navka periodically, on special occasions, takes her with him for a manicure.

The first time the skater was hiding from the fans the girl’s face, but even after she stopped making a secret of it, Tatiana rarely publishes portraits of Nadi. This time she made an exception, which caused heated debate about who is like her grown-up successor. The majority of fans I’m sure the girl — a copy of the grooves, while others believe that it is very similar to dad.

Incidentally, some time ago it became known that when Tatiana away from home for work for a caring babysitter Nadia is Chinese. The choice of the assistant to a nationality was not accidental. As a result of communication with the nanny two year old little girl already knows a few words in Chinese, which is certainly, well developed girl. It is not excluded that Tatiana has already decided that Nadia will be in the future to study Chinese, so communication from an early age with a native speaker in this she is very helpful.