Galina Rzhaksinsky preparing for the wedding in Venice

Галина Ржаксенская готовится к свадьбе в Венеции Finalist of “the Bachelor” has revealed details of the upcoming celebration. Galina Rzhaksinsky will be sent to the Registrar in the first days of November. The girl anxiously preparing for the upcoming event, has long been calling himself and his beloved Yevgeny Gromov family. And last Friday, the bride gave a Bridal shower in the bath.

      The finalist of the third season of the popular reality show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky, whose wedding so looking forward to fans finally cheered them with the news that preparations for the upcoming wedding has entered the active phase. Galina Rzhaksinsky getting married

      To the Registrar with his beloved Yevgeny Gromov beauty will depart in early November, and then the bride and groom will go to Venice. Against the backdrop of beautiful Italian city Galina and Eugene are planning to arrange a unforgettable wedding ceremony and photo shoot. And the celebration, according to Rzhaksinsky will take place a little later. Now the bride is busy pleasant troubles. Looking for Galina wedding dress yourself, the groom’s suit and the photographer, who will capture the happiest moments in the life of lovers.

      “I’ve realized that soon my wedding. The truth is only the painting and Venice. Need your help. Good accounts with beautiful dresses or suits – suddenly I’m not still looked. Maybe you know a photographer who is in Venice or someone, maybe, will be November 6-7, there?” – appealed for help to the subscribers Galina Rzhaksinsky.

      Fans of the finalists of “the Bachelor,” gladly responded to her request. Under the post Galina immediately formed a forum that contains a lot of useful information for brides and grooms. However, Rzhaksinsky give not only advice, but also genuinely happy for her.

      “Galyna, you are very beautiful and real. I wish you happiness!”, “Absolutely I was a stranger, but somehow I was so happy for you! Be happy Galyusya!”, “Our wonderful! Let your eyes always Shine with happiness, like in this photo!”, “Wonderful news! I’m happy for you!”, “You’re glowing with happiness!”, – write followers Galina Rzhaksinsky.

      And last Friday, there was another landmark event in the life of every girl. Galina Rzhaksinsky gathered friends at the bachelorette party, to arrange that on the advice of his mother in law and husband’s sister decided to bath.

      Recall, beloved Galina Eugene proposed to her in may about what the girl said in microblogging, posting a picture with an engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. And for the first time details about his chosen Rzhaksinsky told is “StarHit” at the very beginning of their relationship.

      “Now my heart is really proprietary, I have a young man Eugene. I’m not the snow Queen, and can also fall in love. We are not so long together, so long as not engaged. Met I wonder. Somehow calling me a strange man and said, “Galina, Hello! My name is Eugene…” I liked the way he turned the conversation, and there was time, so we met it beautifully looked after, and now we are together,” said the finalist of the show “the Bachelor.”