Year-old daughter Klimova and Meskhi is increasing at a copy of the father

Годовалая дочь Климовой и Месхи растет копией отца Photo small Bella showed the closeup. Fans of Ekaterina Klimova, not so long ago which no longer hide the baby, was moved to a new snapshot, and I congratulate the successor of the star couple with the first birthday. The day before the child turned one year old.

      Actress Ekaterina Klimova exactly a year ago in the fourth time became a mother. She gave her husband Gela Meskhi adorable daughter Bella. Star parents for a long time did not show photos of their daughter to fans. And only on the eve of his first birthday, the girls decided it was time to show how good and sweet their little heiress.

      Ekaterina Klimova published a photo of his daughter in a moment of celebration, prompting a flurry of positive emotions in microblog subscribers. Ekaterina Klimova has ceased to hide the face of the daughter

      However, in the frame of the baby was visible not very good, but this gap later met actress Catherine velichenko, which is the godmother of his name. She congratulated goddaughter happy birthday and posted a photo girls closeup so fans this is a great opportunity to examine in detail the lovely face of his daughter, Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi. Pricked snapshot, subscribers stars came to the conclusion that Bella has a portrait likeness with his father.

      “Adorable pups! But, in my opinion, already falling asleep,” “How the girl look like dad!”, “I need a copy of Gela Meskhi!”, “Rose, rose what. The bun is indescribably good!”, “Such a little cutie, cutie. cute! Rather, two beauties!”, “Baby – a copy of dad!”, – share followers Velichenko emotions from sharing her picture with a little daughter Bella.

      By the way, not so long ago, Ekaterina Klimova told his fans that bell uttered the first word. Like many toddlers, she said, “Mama.” This moment will forever remain in the memory of parents who loved in a younger daughter. It should be noted that the spouse Klimova and happy father Gela Meskhi, for whom the baby bell became the first child from the moment of birth admitted in his daughter’s incredible beauty.

      “Some unusual awe and tenderness to the creature. Remember, in the hospital, Kate said, “Look, what a beauty. Daughter is really pretty, angel. Although all parents probably think their child is the most beautiful. Now I realized that happiness is in our children. It’s a miracle that I am in love” – shared the artist her emotions in an interview to one of editions.