Biathlon Domracheva and Bjoerndalen became parents for the first time

Биатлонисты Домрачева и Бьерндален впервые стали родителями Athlete gave birth to a girl in one of the clinics of Minsk. Darya Domracheva and her husband OLE Einar Bjoerndalen accept congratulations with the new addition to the family. 30-year-old three-time Olympic champion from Belarus and 42-year-old eight-time Olympic champion in the same sport from Norway in July of this year became husband and wife.

      The titled athletes, Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva and Norway’s OLE Einar Bjoerndalen became parents of a beautiful girl. The baby was born on 1 October in one of the clinics of Minsk. Daria gave birth, according to some, in the chamber of the raised comfort.

      News about the new addition to the family of Olympic Champions said the commentator Dmitry Guberniev.

      “Guys! Dasha and Uli-ainara daughter was born! Now we have twice as much hay for our cows will zapasam. Congratulations to the happy parents! Long live our children, hurrah!” – wrote in his own manner Dmitry Guberniev.

      It is known that the weight of the newborn is 3650 grams. For both parents the baby was the first child.

      Fans of the famous couple congratulate them on their new addition to the family, and the heir of athletes also want to get on the podium as her famous parents. “Congratulations, health and happiness to the family Bjoerndalen!”, “And if we talent for God will not hurt, then there will be a new Olympic champion!”, “Be happy guys! All the best! She umnichka!”, “The health of the mother and daughter and future championship victories!” “OLE, she, with all my heart! From the soul to the soul! Well done!”, “Congratulations to the happy parents and, of course, expect them soon on the biathlon tracks!”, – comments left under the post Dmitry Guberniev loyal fans.

      We will remind, eight-time Olympic champion in biathlon, a 42-year-old Norwegian OLE Einar Bjoerndalen and three-time Olympic champion in the same sport, 30-year-old Darya Domracheva has played a secret wedding in mid-July of this year in Oslo. Pregnant, she secretly married Bjørndalen

      About relationship of two renowned biathlon the public learned in 2015. However, according to Norwegian journalists, to meet Domracheva and Bjoerndalen began in mid-2012. Met at a summer training camp in Austria, they have never parted. According to one version, the novel with the Belarusian biathlete was the reason for the gap Bjørndalen with his wife Natalie Santer. Supposedly the woman learned about the passion of husband and filed for divorce. And Biennalen Domracheva and to the last tried to avoid any publicity so as not to provoke scandals.