Old age is not a joy: like the stars of the Soviet cinema saved from poverty and depression

Старость не в радость: как звезды советского кино спасаются от нищеты и депрессии The international day for the elderly we have collected the stories of famous artists. “StarHit” found out why Alexei Batalov was disappointed in the profession, and who saves Nina Doroshina from loneliness.

      Старость не в радость: как звезды советского кино спасаются от нищеты и депрессии

      The whole world on Saturday, October 1 in 16 times celebrates international day of the elderly person. On this date in many countries, festivals and charity events, calling to make the lives of seniors better and full. Unfortunately, the majority of Russian grandparents live in a cheap pension and languish.


      The last ten years, Alexei Batalov regularly called to play in different projects, but the actor steadfastly refused. The last picture in which was played by Alexei Batalov, has become the “carnival night 2, or 50 years later” in 2006. And in the eve of the day of birth – November 20, Alexey turns 88 years old – an interest in the actor has grown again.

      “He doesn’t do interviews, lies, hurt and angry, told the “StarHit” spouse Batalov Gitana leontenko, a former circus artist. – Feeling, you know, age. Yes, even the Blues. He had a big break in work. Now his name is everywhere. And he is not interested, he does not see roles that can perform. Hence the depressed mood. However, husband did not just lay. In the spring of this year released the book “the Chest of the actor.

      Along with Batalov and his wife lives with their daughter, 48-year-old Maria. The actor himself said in an interview that the girl was the fault of the doctors suffers from cerebral palsy. However, thanks to the efforts and care of loved ones, Mary learned in a regular school, she has a completely normal mental development, she is able to print and reads a lot. That’s only with motor function problems. According to Batalov, all the legacy he bequeathed to the daughter. Raising money for Batalov, Terekhova and Fateeva turned into a scandal


      Старость не в радость: как звезды советского кино спасаются от нищеты и депрессии

      The star of the movie “Eternal call” Tamara Degtyareva still experiencing the sad consequences of the operation to amputate his legs. It all started four years ago, when the artist formed an abscess on his finger, and then developed gangrene. To save the life of Tamara Vasilievna, the doctors had to amputate the limb. It so happened that children have no actress, and her husband divorced. To care for a pensioner living in a Studio apartment near exhibition center, there was no one. Brother, sister and niece are in the suburbs, come rarely, and social workers come once a week. The actress appeared to be in distress.

      “Fortunately, I was helped and still helps the “Sovremennik” theatre in which I serve for 46 years – both financially and with everyday problems – shared with “StarHit” the 72-year-old Tamara Degtyareva. Administration found assistant. The fact that I still play in the play “the whirlwind”, but with the surgery I difficult to be behind the scenes one, I need help. Now I have someone who is always there. With its help, I go outside. Social workers bring food once a week to wipe the floor. Of course, it is hard, but I try not to complain of destiny. Recently made a gift – a trip to a small boarding house for invalids Pushkino. It’s a forest, clean air, carry on trips”.


      Старость не в радость: как звезды советского кино спасаются от нищеты и депрессии

      Another actress of the theater “Contemporary”, 81-year-old Nina Doroshina in his old age, too, was left alone. The star of the film “Love and doves” she has admitted in an interview that for the scene had to sacrifice a lot.

      “From loneliness to save her students – said the “StarHit” in “contemporary”. She teaches at the “Pike” for over 30 years. Age makes itself felt. Nina Mikhailovna bad heart. Recently underwent stenting. Now she spends a lot of time in the country, where her brother lives, and in Moscow rents an apartment”.

      According to friends, the salaries of the actress is enough for a modest existence. Besides, Nina is aided by his only sibling, Eugene, who is younger than her by ten years. A year ago the man had a stroke, after which he was never able to fully recover.


      Старость не в радость: как звезды советского кино спасаются от нищеты и депрессии

      After a month, 25 Oct actress Tamara Semina will be 78 years old, but no holiday it will not hold. “After leaving her husband Volodya tradition of celebrating birthdays has disappeared, – told the “StarHit” Tamara Petrovna. – Who should congratulate themselves. Phone this day I have, as a rule, is torn. Fortunately, enough attention. Maybe to meet with friends. As for the material side of the issue, I see no reason to be offended and swear at the reality. I have nothing to fix. I’m the one who gave everything to the state. In Dagestan, they call me “our high artist”. In Japan, I – some kind of treasure. A pension is what? What kind of a slap to the artists? But amid this outrage, I am cheerful and cheerful. Saving sense of humor.”

      According to the actress, only the last five years, she began to get out of the house and occasionally to act as a pension to live is extremely difficult. Now in the collection Semina three roles in different projects, however, is not one of the films not yet released. But it was not always so. In memory of Tamara Petrovna still fresh memories when she cared for her husband Vladimir Prokofiev, he more than 30 years voiced films at the film Studio named after Gorky. For Prokofiev Semin married in the second year of Cinematography. He was the love of her life. And when the spouse battled a stroke, the actress did not depart from him until death.

      “I’m 17 years resisted, only Volodya pulled out, although at first the doctors gave him only a month of life, – says Tamara Petrovna. – People helped, and my humor. I couldn’t afford to be sad, as hard as this is. It got to the point that I came to all sorts of markets, and there is an aunt-sellers said, “Tamar, listen, and Volodya here’s the cheese like? And we let it treat”. They found the moves, as not to offend me. “No, babanki, thank you,” I said. – Volodya offended”. And I gave pursuit. Neighbors passed a hat honey and envelopes with money for me.”

      Yuri Norstein

      Until October 9, in the shopping center “Novinsky passage” will be an exhibition of works by Yuri Norstein, Creator of “Hedgehog in the fog”. Yuri modest that the exhibition was very small and he does not understand the increased interest in her. Meanwhile, the legendary animator celebrated its 75th anniversary on September 15. For many years Norstein works in tandem with his wife art Director Francesca Yarbusova. They have a small Studio in the metro Voykovskaya. Here you can buy a variety of Souvenirs: postcards, posters and mugs with the image of cartoon characters. According to friends, Yuri Borisovich, would not prevent financial assistance in the implementation of some projects, he’s a man proud to ask can not. And now the work in the Studio and stopped.

      “How can I be creative when for the past two months in the entire building repiping, – told the “Strangite” Yuri Norstein. – And how long it will last is unknown. We are all through the Alps is done.” The cartoonist is trying not to faint.

      “The important thing is that my wife is healthy, says Norstein. – Have friends, children, grandchildren – I have them eight. In principle it is possible to work quietly. But if I’m going out on a limb, I become furious. This is the state when you start to compress the imagination, hinder the work. The reasons may be different. I feel bitterness towards what is happening when people try to plead face to the authorities, lose their dignity…”