Яна Троянова сообщила о начале работы над новым сезоном «Ольги»
The actress arrived at the selection of clothes.

Photo: Instagram

The last season of the series “Olga” on channel TNT has passed with record ratings and over is not clear. Fans were sure: to be continued!

And so it proved, despite the new year’s vanity, the new season has already begun. Yana Troyanova, actress, recently traveled to a very important meeting with the costumers and along with them, picking outfits for her character.

“Started the selection of costumes for the third season of “Olga”, she said. — The costume is a very important part of the character! Always treat this seriously!”

By the way, to show clothes for Troyanova — usual case. Not so long ago it became known that in his youth, Ian worked as a model. In her 20s she was very thin and prior to his career on the podium shy.

“I was very embarrassed during photo shoots, — confessed to the Jan. — I am still very shy!”

When the actress showed her photos from 20 years ago, not everybody recognized it at once. She was simultaneously similar and Scarlett Johansson and singer Shakira.