Рита Дакота показала идеальную фигуру после родов
The singer dropped almost all the extra pounds.

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota first became a mother two months ago. Her daughter was born in one of elite maternity homes of Moscow. At birth a star was supported by her husband, singer Vlad Sokolovsky, beloved mother, best friend, best friend, husband, and also the operator who takes them from Vlad video blog… This series is about childbirth, by the way, saw a record number of people.

After giving birth Rita was actively shared with the podeschi all its problems. She, bonded, talked about excess weight and about problems with breastfeeding, and all that surrounds the young mother after the baby is born. Only it turned out that some podistica Dakota do not believe that she has any problems. And all because Rita looks good too.

Recently, the singer showed the photo, which shows that it is almost goodbye to the extra pounds gained during pregnancy. However, she Rita says it is just a picture, but behind the scenes all a bit wrong.

“If oooooochen much suck in your stomach and hair to cover fasteners that are “firing” that lifac for feeding, then I type again sexybabe! — laughing star. — But seriously, the question of sexuality in motherhood is very much relevant to me, I’m all for the ninth month ordered lace lingerie handmade and dreamy saw it, when even getting out of bed was difficult… But from the first day after birth, repeated like a mantra to myself: “You are not only a good mother, you’re a great wife, a beautiful young woman, put the baby monitor and go quickly wash my hair”. And the fact that my doctor, along with restrictions on health, strictly forbade me to go to the ugly roddomovskih nightgown and without make, says that she really is a good doctor, because the mental state of the mother is always the physical state of the baby. I remember me Troll, saying, “yeah weep with lactose, but she had the pictures in the face-up and styling”. Damn, I do not believe it, but YES. I make and laying always, and be face-up and installation and when the baby poops, when the lactose with a temperature of 40, and when the Apocalypse. And it’s not in the man (Vlad, by the way, believes that “without make wife more beautiful”), and my own comfort. For me it is very important to feel beautiful and sexy, and if it meant to sleep for 20 minutes less, I sacrifice sleep. My teacher in yoga you have to get up at 5 am, to meditate, to dance and drink tea, and she’s feminine and sexy. And I need to get up, wash and Naturita. All of your key and if it works, it’s already a victory!”