56-летняя Екатерина Семенова сделала татуировку
The singer graced the wrist of the philosophical inscription.

56-летняя Екатерина Семенова сделала татуировку

Ekaterina Semenova

Photo: Instagram

The star of ‘ 90s singer Ekaterina Semenova, who celebrated in
this year, his 56th birthday, decided on a bold step. Artist
got a tattoo on the wrist in the form of the inscription: “Happiness is me”.

The act of the singer has caused a definite reaction among her
fans — they were happy, a tattoo, and courage
artist. “Katusha, what you done! That’s right, in 2018 only with such
motto. How cool! Simple and beautiful!” — wrote fans under the post
Semenova in the social network.

By the way, Catherine is not the first who dared to adorn themselves with a tattoo in a very
adulthood. For example, not so long ago, Larisa Dolina appeared on the record
Christmas lights with a new tattoo. As it turned out, the pop diva
I visited recently from the tattoo artist and get a body portrait… pet cat.
The valley has caused quite a major figure on the inner side of the right hand.

However, this is not the first tattoo
made by singer. It is known that on the shoulder of the Valley flaunts rose Pointe. On
the back have a Valley bearing the image of a Lotus flower, in addition, there are
Sakura at the ankle. All previous “tattoo” singer is positioned so that
usually hidden by clothing. But to hide from prying eyes new tattoo turned out
not so simple.

Photo: Instagram