Yana Rudkovsky has declared war on the haters

Яна Рудковская объявила войну хейтерам
The producer do not intend to tolerate criticism of his family.

Photo: Instagram

Yana Rudkovskaya made an official statement to the haters. The producer announced that starts a new section in their social networks, which will tell you about the enemies, show them pictures, and perhaps also to criticize them as they are — family Rudkovskaya.

“I am 43 years old, says Jana. — I’m not ashamed of my age, I love my family and work! Working almost seven days a week, I have irregular working hours, and all who work with me know that!My height 168 cm, weight 51 kg. I five times a week in sports! I have three sons, husband is athlete and wonderful parents! Everything about my job — in the header of my profile in Instagram! I have almost no time for beauty, except for the most necessary things. I know many people like my column about Breakfast, and today I am starting a new category called “who are the judges?” Daily “group tovima” writes me shit about my age and family, some of them even with open accounts! Criticism of my body parts and age I somehow survive, but when you start to write ugly things about my kids… Sorry! It is clear that of the two million subscribers is only a few dozen people, but, nevertheless… now in my “stories” starts a new topic about my critics! Very interesting! I recommend everyone to view! All good and positive day and good luck!”

Not “on the spot”, Rudkovskaya published the first six “lucky”. However, she did not like the haters and saying or writing nasty things about them, she just posted a photo to their profiles in your blog. All six middle-aged women, each of which in appearance Jan fit almost daughter.