Вика Дайнеко разрыдалась из-за расставания с другом
The singer has suffered another nervous breakdown.

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Dayneko told the fans about another “tragedy” of his life. Yesterday, the singer broke up with his favorite “friend” — personal car brand Audi. No matter how it was funny, but car owners are often very attached to their cars, give them names or nicknames, talking to them and are very worried about breakdowns. When it comes time to part, say goodbye to a car like a human being, and even apologize.

Dayneko — the girl is very impressionable and emotional, so at the moment when I had to give the car, she screamed. However, soon the pain will subside, as the singer will have a pleasant hassle associated with buying a new car. What Vick still undecided. At the moment, choosing between a Range Rover, Mercedes and BMW. The budget for the purchase of the new car the stars about 2-2,5 million rubles.

The fans hope that parting with the car will not be for the Wiki another reason for a visit to the therapist. Recently Daineko told the fans that the good mood it helps to keep specialist.

“I regularly visit a therapist, to sorrow no time left!” — says the star.

She turned to him to survive setbacks in his personal life. Recall last summer it became known that the family of Victoria of Dmitry have Keymanagers crisis. Autumn young radialogical divorced, followed by long months of mutual accusations online and in the press. Everyone was saying how bad it was to live together, thanking for the gift of emotions and, of course, a wonderful daughter Lida, soon to be three years.

On the eve of his 31st anniversary Vic told fans that she had a boyfriend. Fans were happy for the singer and wished her happiness with a new lover. But probably something went wrong. Recently Daineko wrote a sad post about love, and after him no hint of the new man in social networks did not appear…