Николь Кидман готовится снова стать мамой
The actress wants to break the record of his grandmother.

Николь Кидман готовится снова стать мамой

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith urban are going to soon fill up your family. The actress never
no secret that loves children, and maternal instinct is the main
the driving force in her life, giving her strength and help you stay young. “Children are the greatest joy in my life!” admitted Nicole.

As told one of her friends
actress, long-cherished wish of stars to have a third child broke out with renewed
force when they are with Keith celebrated a decade older daughter, Sunday rose. The birthday girl they shared rare archival frame
where the photographer captured her at the whale and with a newborn on Sunday
hands. While nostalgic memories, Nicole realized again how
she wants to hold baby or toddler! After all, Sunday and her sister
Faith Margaret, who is almost 8 years old, will soon become teenagers.

she wants again to become a mother, the actress said repeatedly. So, last year
she said: “Keith and I really want more children! My grandmother gave birth to my
mom at 49. And I would be happy even slightly surpass its achievement…” —
said Kidman. And admitted that every month, cherishes the hope of getting pregnant.

The actress admits that having children has given her very difficult. However, despite the fact,
both daughters appeared at it only after years of trying,
Nicole is optimistic. Even if she fails to give birth to itself, it
can always hire the services of a surrogate mother, which makes her
child. By the way, so she had her youngest daughter

Nicole Kidman, Keith urban and newborn baby Sunday rose

Photo: Instagram @nicolekidman