Yana Rudkovskaya appeared in the center of a scandal

Яна Рудковская оказалась в центре громкого скандала
The producer threatened by the police.

Yana Rudkovskaya


Netizens rapidly discuss the latest news associated with the family of Yana Rudkovskaya. According to the public Mash publish information, the producer was embroiled in a scandal.

In the publication we are talking about what, a businesswoman, allegedly, has recently been engaged in the eviction of villagers Molodenovo, where he lives with family, for buildings on the site the neighborhood figure skating school. A insider has shared that many of the residents did not want to leave their homes.

Jan, according to the statement, with irrelevant material compensation tried to solve a pressing issue. According to the source, Rudkovskaya personally visited those who refused kindness to leave rented for construction and land held with them “educational talks” in the rigid form.

However, she Rudkovskaya has not yet responded to the question about whether or not it is “exposed” on the street, local residents or not. Recall that in this year’s Evgeni Plushenko completed a huge ice complex, which is now is the education of children. Shortly after the opening of the Academy of figure skating, Plushenko, by the way, was also in the center of the scandal. The reason then became “exorbitant” prices for children, which led parents of future Champions in horror.