Откровения родных о болезни Веры Глаголевой: «Она боролась до последнего вздоха...»
Former son-in-law actress wrote an open letter.

Vera Glagoleva


Over the weekend relatives, friends and admirers held Belief Glagolevo in the last journey. The actress died as a result of a long struggle with cancer. Her death was a great tragedy for many people who Glagoleva participated. The former son-in-law actress and Director — Egor Simachev in recent years established a very close relationship with Vera Vitalevna. As it turned out, the first husband of the daughter of actress — Anna Nahapetova was also seriously ill. In memory of Glagoleva he wrote an open letter in which he shared his memories about her and her struggle for life.

“I am sitting at my Desk, writing this, and it’s like she’s sitting across from you. As it very often happened at Nikolina Gora, in her house, which she with such warmth and the thrill of creating and safeguarding. She and brandy in the glass. We share their experiences, brag, make plans for the future, complain about life, we clink and drink, and pour again. We understood each other like no other. After all, we were both sick.

I was lucky, I recovered. Thanks to God, Faith, Cyril, the support of my family. She’s not. It was her decision, she knew from the beginning what is and how it will end. Of course, she and we are all hoping for the best. We celebrated every successful service completion, and my and her. We believe that all will be well. It is incredibly, textbook brave man, a great personality, fragile and gentle woman. She could be tender and barbed like a porcupine. It could be good and evil at the same time. Every time we hugged at the meeting, and asked each other: “how are you?”, “when you checked out?”, “what plans?”. She was always delightful, feminine, stylish new dresses and suits. I’ve always admired. She was always charming. She never showed their weaknesses, and whether they were from her?” — said in an open letter now published in social networks.

Simachev also appealed in his message to the man of Faith Vitalievna — Kirill Shubsky, thanking him for his support. “Cyril Yulievich! You did all that was in your power, and even more. From the very beginning, Faith has decided in his heart. To leave so. Like a real, Great artist. She fought, fought until his last breath, she never gave up. We all follow her example. She was always the Pilot of your ship. You were a Captain, Yes. But you and all family members always listened to her opinion, advice, fears, and relied on it, followed it, tried and fought for it.

She left her mark in history, in art, in the hearts of the people, and, most importantly, in the hearts of her children and grandchildren! She will always live in them! Her Grand dad, an inventor and teacher Vitaly Pavlovich Glagolev, always said that “we are immortal until our memory lives in the hearts of our children and grandchildren”…”