Виктория Дайнеко и Дмитрий Клейман «поделили» дочку
The singer officially divorced with Dmitry Kleiman.

With her husband Dmitry Kleiman wedding day. April 2015

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Unfortunately, another star marriage came to an end: it became known yesterday that Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman officially divorced. Documents for divorce Kleiman filed a lawsuit in early July, and the singer insisted that he was not aware of the actions of Dmitry. The spouses divorced pretty quickly: apparently, they easily managed to agree about joint custody of daughter.

The ex-husband of Victoria in an interview told that, even when he finally parted with his wife (and it happened six months before the divorce) his relationship with the girl continued in the same mode. According to Dmitry, it was and remains very important, so that she felt his presence in my life…

Problems in relationship with her husband appeared at Dayneko almost immediately after the wedding. Some time later, the couple started fighting a lot — but two years after the wedding, they already lived separately and. However, this form of family life did not come Kleiman and he took a resolute decision to divorce. Curiously, but Victoria this spring made clear that he hoped for reconciliation with the father of her daughter. She didn’t want to file for divorce, not assuming that she’ll do it Dmitry.

“I was born in the year Cat and Rabbit, and Dima in the year of the Dog, and we really lived with him like a cat with a dog. Someone called us Italian family. But one thing, when two young men live in a constant explanation of the relationship is stormy, emotional and very fun. Another thing, when has a child. There is too much shake-up in the burden, and the scandals may affect the development of young people. Although we had agreed at the child not to quarrel, not really, we did it. Dima argued with reason and without reason. Now don’t even want to remember… — said Victoria 7days.ru. We just clung to each other, no one wanted to give up. I’m not one of those girls who keep quiet and hope the man himself will realize that it is not satisfied. So I dime all expressed directly and in paints. Was hoping it would help solve the problem that he will hear me and something will change. But we only went out a fight. Often, the conflict started Dima. He was very jealous of me to my past!”