Юлия Пересильд пострадала после кинофестиваля
Actress severely burned legs.

Photo: Instagram

Big trouble has happened in the life of the actress Yulia Peresild. As soon as the girl returned home from Kaliningrad, where the short film festival “Koroche”, as injured. The actress spilled on your feet the boiling water.

“I did not have time to rejoice in life, all is well and cool! What magical people are in my way! As the Space took me to the ground! — Julius wrote in his personal blog. I spilled boiling water on yourself! Spent the day in the burn center. In General, as love. Sit on the pain and every 3-4 hours add. Because yelling and crying shame, and do not want to frighten children, but to suffer in silence — hard. Monday — day heavy”.

In the comments fans immediately slapped different tips on how to deal with the pain and how to do so without a scar — the kind of ointment, and what oxygen chamber helps in such cases.

Julia shared that her burns are very strong, even the skin is instantly gone.

We wish the actress good health!