Yana Poplavskaya made the son to work

Яна Поплавская заставила сына работать
The actress Yana Poplavskaya has two adult sons, 32-year-old Kevin and 21-year-old Nikita.

Яна Поплавская заставила сына работать

For a long time the actress herself kept the sons, buying them expensive clothes, gave travel overseas, paid foreign training, but at one point realized that it was wrong. In the end, Ian put Nikita to face the fact that he would have to earn money.

Яна Поплавская заставила сына работать

“Did it not immediately: children need to let go gradually. He was 15 years, then 16 years old. I told my son: “you Have everything: a beautiful house where you are always welcome, there is a strong rear – I and my brother Klim, we will not abandon you, but to keep will not!” – told Poplavskaya.

In the end, the decision was made to Yana, her son, who has a job, than was proud of his mother.

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