Мария Шарапова радуется любым успехам
Famous tennis player Maria Sharapova last year again returned to the court after it was disqualified for a long time.

Мария Шарапова радуется любым успехам

During this time she managed not only to relax but also to get an education in the business school of Harvard. Recently in an interview with Maria admitted that now, after all the difficulties, is happy with any success.

Мария Шарапова радуется любым успехам

“You know that for the career I have encountered many difficult situations, but always managed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m still lost passion for the game, I still love tennis. After I went through all the tests that I had to deal with, I can’t help but smile and not be happy. I now even more appreciate those special moments in life. Now comes the second half of my career, and I try to enjoy any success,” said Sharapova.

Recall that Mary was suspended from competition because of her blood found Meldonium, which refers to prohibited drugs.

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