Nicole Kidman will soon be a grandmother!

Николь Кидман скоро станет бабушкой!
Actress in everything helps her daughter — the future mother.

Николь Кидман скоро станет бабушкой!

Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman, which this summer will celebrate 51 years, will soon be the first
granddaughter and actress with great enthusiasm about this prospect. She is having her daughter Isabella, who will become a mother soon, the entire
possible support. The news was announced by the publication Life and Style.

25-year-old Isabella, which Kidman childhood called Bella, is preparing to adopt the girl. On
the idea of becoming a foster mom Bella was inspired by his own experience, because her many years ago I adopted Nicole with his
ex-husband Tom cruise. Isabella was just a baby. Kidman
very pleased that her daughter decided to take a family of foster child, and the actress is ready to share with your daughter your experience. More
I told a friend of Nicole, the actress is going to make Belle and her
husband max Parker an unusually generous gift: to buy a house. Details
the actress is going to discuss in the near future when you get to
London, where her daughter with her husband.

Nicole enjoys this twist of fate also because he expects to get reacquainted with Isabella, which
the last years she was seen not too often. After the divorce, Kidman with
Cruz and the children remained with the father. Later, when she became an adult, she
moved away from dad. Even at their wedding, held in the fall of 2015, she
not invited neither Nicole nor Tom. But since then, as Isabella, which became the
professional hairdresser and works in a London beauty salon, she began to communicate with mom more often.
Bell founded the brand BKS,
stands for Bella Cruise Kidman. Daughter Kidman is going to sell in
was it on the online store t-shirts, embellished prints
made by her own sketches. Nicole is sure that the daughter is doing

Isabella Cruz with her husband