Саша Савельева занялась синхронным плаванием
The factory went on tour to Turkey.

Саша Савельева занялась синхронным плаванием

Between concerts in Turkey member of the group “Factory” to enjoy the sea and sun

Photo: Instagram.com

For three days the “Factory” went on tour to Turkey. Between concerts, the girls enjoyed the sun, sea, delicious food. “I met by chance at our hotel with her friend who has long lived in Sweden, told Sasha Saveliev. We were so excited!” And Sasha Popova happened two troubles: it burned, and it stung by the wasp. “Fabrikantki” staged a photo shoot in the water, calling himself a synchronized swimming team.

Subscribers microblog Savelyeva, which is actively shared photos from Turkey, said that the singer is in amazing shape. Sasha shows such a slender figure that fans wonder if she eats at all?

“I weigh exactly fifty pounds.
Just when I, that is, in the body, I feel differently:
more strong, vigorous, — said the artist 7days.ru in a recent interview. — So happy everyone dialed kilograms. And
standards of beauty have never tried to be. For good
the figure can thank my parents: they are both slender, so
thanks to heredity, I do not know the problems with excess weight.
And the food, I calmly and psychological dependence on it is not
feel the hot favorite dishes either. For me it is rather
emotional. How to go, for example, in Ukraine and enjoy
dumplings with sour cream, do not eat fat and soup, do not drink a hundred grams
vodka? In this I will never refuse!”

Sasha Saveleva Sasha Popova

Photo: Instagram.com