Яна Поплавская объяснила, как смирилась с пугающим увлечением сыновей The actress allowed the heirs to make tattoos and to pierce ears. A recent post of Yana Poplavskaya in social networks in which she spoke about her portrait on the back of one of the boys, aroused heated discussion online. Artist sided with the children.
Яна Поплавская объяснила, как смирилась с пугающим увлечением сыновей

A few weeks ago, Yana Poplavskaya told that her eldest son Klim made an unusual tattoo. The young man decided to fill in the back a portrait of his mother. The actress admitted that still can’t get used to his image on a guy’s body. Poplavskaya recently wrote a column for the online publication, in which he spoke about how humbled with a frightening fascination of children.

The artist believes that to argue with the heirs in a raised voice useless. So she called on parents not to yell at the younger generation, trying to teach him how to behave and what to do. For the first time the eldest son of Jana talked about body modification when he was 12. Klim convinced mother to get a piercing in the navel.

“I resisted as best I could, because I’m terribly afraid of the pain. But… the air conditioner came into the cabin, and it was he who held my hand at the moment “IKS”, – says the woman.
Яна Поплавская объяснила, как смирилась с пугающим увлечением сыновей

Then Klim told the mother that wants to get her ears pierced. To convince the parent, the teenager transferred his idols, who have decided to take this step. “And at the end added that you can always remove jewelry, if needed” – shared Poplavskaya. The actress has decided to meet the Climate control and went into the cabin with him.

Younger Yana’s son Nikita also went through a love for earrings, but he quickly came to an end. On 14th birthday, the teenager was asked to allow him to get a tattoo with the image of a Phoenix.

“His desire, he explained: “I love you. I think you’re a very strong person, because even after a serious fall you collect will in a fist, get up and go forward. I want to have the same ability – to after a difficult situation to be reborn, like a Phoenix from the ashes”. I thought it was not such a bad desire. And the more it is grounded, lived through and thought out” – says the actress.

The eldest heir Poplavskaya Klim had done two tattoos, including a portrait of his mother on the back. The young man was inspired by one of the shoots of a mother. Then on the way Yana was headed by foreign experts, the work took several hours. The actress said that she always warned the sons on the transience of trends and possible problems with employment because of the drawings on the body.

“I was very worried when the climate control began to clog the hands and fingers. It’s hard to say what is the reason for this is his desire. (…) I think it’s a question of expression. My son this way, and I have no right to condemn him. For what? Has he done something bad? I can talk to him, but to yell – no,” he said.

Poplavskaya admitted that she was surprised by the public reaction to the act climate. The actress believes that critics are too keen on discussions of the lives of others. In the column for Letidor.ru the star said that the world necessarily exists in the same format that is convenient for everyone. However, Poplavskaya recognizes that there are things that shouldn’t be allowed in any case, this applies, in particular, drugs. Ian regularly demanded sons to show his hands.